Pedigree of:

Tracylooe Amy
(F) , GCCF CS 587886, Blue & White CPC
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Tracylooe Lock And Load
Lilac CPC
GCCF CSSR 527784 Jun 7 2002
Tracylooe American Online
Brown Tabby CPC
GCCF CSSR 508494
Tracylooe Trinity
Flame Point Himalayan
GCCF CSSR 470999
Purrbox Charbon Copy
CH Purrbox Fantasy
Tracylooe Twix
Chocolate Tabby CPC
GCCF CSSR 481880
Tracylooe Nocturna
Tortoiseshell CPC
GCCF CS 497133 May 1 2001
Purrbox Charbon Copy
Black CPC
GCCF CS 463124 Jun 24 1999
Katra's Charbon
CH Purrbox Fantasy
EnGCH Tracylooe Ultra Marbledlux
Chocolate Tortie CPC
GCCF CS 415481 Aug 27 1998
Tracylooe Bhollinger
Sweetipie Delilah
Tracylooe Sarah Nancy
Calico CPC
GCCF CSSR 545724
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