Pedigree of:

Tracylooe Paddington Bear
(M) Sep 14 2002, GCCF CS 546395, Chocolate CPC
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Tracylooe Damaclese
GCCF CS 497131
Purrbox Charbon Copy
Black CPC
GCCF CS 463124 Jun 24 1999
Katra's Charbon
Black CPC
3008-895653 Oct 30 1993
GC, RW Katrina's Tallahassee of Marsamis DM
Katra's Mystique
CH Purrbox Fantasy
Tortie Point Himalayan
NRR LO 119537 Jun 3 1997
CH, IC Kaleidoscopes Adante
IC Permobiles Dancing Queen
EnGCH Tracylooe Ultra Marbledlux
Chocolate Tortie CPC
GCCF CS 415481 Aug 27 1998
Tracylooe Bhollinger
Cream CPC
GCCF CS 356269 v24 Nov 5 1996
Sweetipie Delilah
Chocolate Tortie CPC
GCCF CS 305159
Tracylooe BabyBlue
GCCF CS 510144
Algernon Blackjack

Tracylooe Vicky Violet
Lilac CPC
GCCF CS 479426 Jul 7 2000
Tracylooe Thornton
Chocolate CPC
GCCF CS 437038
EngCH Tracylooe Adonis
Sweetipie Delilah
Tracylooe Victoria Plum
Lilac & White CPC
GCCF CS 447294
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