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Tropicana Jerico of Northbrook
(M) May 9 1977, 0102-0009215 v111, C.E. White Persian
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Majolobi Bo Jangles
Blue Persian
0106-0007783 v106 May 28 1973
Simbelair Fanfair of Wil-O-Rose DM
Blue Persian
0106-0005572 v104 Aug 30 1970
GC, NW Simbelair Fantastic
C.E. White Persian
0102-0002210 v102 Mar 28 1968
CH Skyway Rajah of Simbelair DM
Simbelair Pale Doll
Simbelair Pale Doll
Blue Persian
0107-0002679 v100 Jul 17 1966
GC, NW Azulita Paleface of Casa Cielo COY
GC, CCA GC Skyway Gai Doll of Simbelair (of Evergreen) DM
Wil-O-Rose Tara of Majolobi
Blue Persian
0107-0006245 v105 Apr 13 1971
GC Ridgmont N.J. of Wild Rose
Blue Persian
0106-0003028 v101 Oct 5 1967
CH Skyway Rajah of Simbelair DM
CH Ridgmont Collette
Ben-Mar May Day of Kar-O-Sel
Colorbred Blue Persian
0107-0003670 v102 May 13 1968
CH, ACFA DGC Larks-Purr Sir Lancelot of Ben-Mar
GC, GP, NW Vi-Jon Miss April of Ben-Mar
GC Tropicana Rosemary's Wee One
C.E. White Persian
0103-0010492 v108 May 20 1975
Capt. Marvel of Tropicana
B.E. White Persian
0100-0001654 v107 Apr 24 1974
DCH Simbelair Simeon of Pueblo Park (of Gull's)
B.E. White Persian
0100-0001295 v105 Mar 11 1972
CH Skyway Rajah of Simbelair DM
Babalong Babs of Simbelair
CH Natasha
O.E. White Persian
0105-0001218 v105 Aug 22 1972
CH, DGC Francine Park Royal of Gull
CH Purrsheen Moonflower
Tropicana Autumn Glory
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0005920 v107 Feb 27 1974
CH Serbs Dillinger of Tropicana
Black Persian
0108-0004635 v105 Jun 16 1972
CH Silva-Wyte Angus Silky of Serbs
Serbs Beth of La Fume
GC Tropicana Cleopatra of Mari-Dee
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0006277 Sep 8 1972
CH Sierra Lookout
Misty Isle Pollyanna
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