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True Star's Tears In Heaven of La*Murr
(F) Jan 15 2011, 1189-1722154, Blue Patched Tabby-White Persian
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CH, GIC Jubileum's Frodo
Cream-White Harlequin Persian
1114-1481843 v1005/CPF LO 010608 Oct 9 2003
GC Primadowdy's M.V.P. of Jubileum DM
Cream Tabby-White Persian
1114-1139910 v0998 Apr 18 1997
GC Primadowdy's Yogi Berra
Cream Tabby-White Persian
1154-0841889 v0594 Jan 17 1993
GC Cinema Lethal Weapon of Primadowdy
GC, RW Semeion's Kewpie Doll of Primadowdy
CH Primadowdy's Castanet!
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-1079467 v0897 Apr 28 1996
GC Shadylair's Butch Cassidy
Primadowdy's Rocky Road
Cotn Hill's Livin' by Faith of Catillak
Red-White Van Persian
1311-1346512 v0502 Dec 27 2000
GC Catillak's Boll Weavil of Cotn Hill
Red Tabby-White Persian
1140-1214267 v0800 Apr 6 1998
GC, RW Catillak's Sooner Or Later DM
Catillak's Indiscreet of Janita DM
Meraul's Ivy of Cotn Hill
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-1279506 v0800 Feb 24 1999
SA DGC Cattabury Armanti of Belle Fleur(Maraul,Duetc
Catillak's Sprinkles of Maraul
Kissables Wild & Delicious
Brown Tabby-White Persian
1143-1665504 v0610 Aug 25 2008
GC Kissables Like Manna From Heaven
Brown Mackerel Tabby-White Persian
1142-1589895 v0707 Jul 2 2006
GC Parti Wai Jazzman of Kissables
Blue-White Persian
1106-1469142 v0604 Jul 1 2002
GC Magratheas Spiritwalker of Parti Wai DM
GC Parti Wai Grace DM
Brannaway Maya of Kissables
Brown Tabby-White Persian
1143-1477390 v0904 Mar 11 2003
GC, BW, NW Wishstar Triumph DM
GC, RW Brannaway Aurora of Cacao DM
The Catwalk Olivia of Kingdomkatz (Kissables)
Calico Persian
0149-1542646 v1006 Jun 19 2005
Parti Wai Picasso of Kissables
Black-White Persian
1108-1376362 v0105 Apr 26 2001
GC Kissables Calvin Klein
Parti Toi Cutie Pa Tutie of Parti Wai DM
CH The Catwalk Versailles
C.E. White Persian
0103-1413671 v1005 May 10 2002
GC, RW Artemis Ted E. Bear of Couronne
GC Artemis Cat Dancing
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