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CH Vagabond Sweet Suzie Brown
(F) Sep 14 1970, 0147-0003288 v104, Tortoiseshell Persian
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CH, ACFA GC Vagabond Boston Blackie
Black Persian
0108-0002159 v102 Apr 13 1969
GC Simbelair Billy The Kid of Vagabond
C.E. White Persian
0102-0001744 v100 Mar 14 1967
CH Skyway Rajah of Simbelair DM
C.E. White Persian
0102-0000814 v97/ACFA P11G-S65-2454 Apr 4 1964
Skyway Gai Duke of Evergreen
CH Skyway Charlene
GC Simbelair Sandstar
Cream Persian
0115-0000896 v99 Jul 19 1965
GC, NW, GP Castilia Sandy of Pur-Time
CH Larks-Purr Cleome of Simbelair
CH Vagabond Wee Wish
C.E. White Persian
0103-0002285 v101 Nov 13 1966
CH Lori-Bee Apollo of Tay-Lor (of Paleface)
C.E. White Persian
0102-0001052 v99 Jun 5 1965
GC, NW Azulita Paleface of Casa Cielo COY
CH Silver Mesa Miss Mary Lou
CH Shawnee Twylite of Sabito
Blue Persian
0107-0001407 v98 Jul 29 1963
GC Nor-Mont Jubilee II of West Allis
Shawnee Diantha
CH Nor-Mont Vicky of Simbelair
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0001610 v100 Mar 2 1966
CH Skyway Buffer II of Nor-Mont
Colorbred Blue Persian
0106-0001107 v97 May 12 1963
GC Skyway Bufton of Kingshill
Colorbred Blue Persian
0106-0000196 v89 Jul 10 1958
Nigrette Hercules of Skyway
Dimples of Dunesk of Skyway
CH Skyway Claudia
Colorbred Blue Persian
0107-0001011 v94 Sep 12 1961
CH Stonybrook Charlie Brown
CH Skyway Princess of Sherdon
GC Castilia Diana of Nor-Mont
Cream Persian
0115-0000479 v98 May 7 1963
GC, ACFA SR CH Nor-Mont Brandy of Castilia
Cream Persian
0114-0000239 v92/P15-S62-2443 Jul 19 1960
GC Nor-Mont Michael
GC Nor-Mont Duchess
CH Su-Bell Bo-Peep of Castilia
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0000257 v90 Jul 10 1960
GC Bloemhill Pekoe
CH, UK CH Dawnmist of Pensford
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