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CH Wattkatz Dream Maker of Primadowdy
(M) Oct 18 1997, 1108-1182835 v0800/(D)DEKZV LO 319969, Black-White Persian
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GC Tehy Avanti of Wattkatz (Old Castle)
Black-White Persian
1108-1040250 v0896 Jul 12 1995
GC Bolo's Tumbleweed of Tehy
Red Tabby-White Persian
1140-0847013 v0794 Feb 11 1993
Softmagic Big John of Bolo DM
Red-White Persian
1110-0738639 v0592 Apr 17 1990
GC, RW Marsamis The Wizard of Lil'Miracles
Katrina's Scarlet of Softmagic
GC Bolo's Fruit O'The Loom DM
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0551965 v0990 Jun 9 1989
CH Marhei Alex of Heartbeat (of Bolo) DM
GC Marhei Josephine of Bolo DM
Tehy Whitney Houston
Black Persian
0109-0880756 v0795 Aug 10 1993
GC Bolo's Rumor Hasit of Tehy
Black Persian
0108-0791014 v1193 Apr 25 1992
GC Bolo's Eyes N.F.S. of Caliope
Bolo's Tinkerbelle
GC Tehy Hot 'N Spicey
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0684367 v1192 Nov 21 1990
GC Bolo's Magic Moment of Tehy DM
CH Pompadour Witches Honor of Tehy
GC, RW Wattkatz Watch Me Now of Loon DM
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-1040944 v0997 Dec 18 1995
GC, RW Equinox I.B.Strokin of Wattkatz
Black-White Persian
1108-0936566 v0695 May 16 1994
GC, NW Equinox Enigma av Elains DM
Blue-White Van Persian
1180-0711401 v0892/SVERAK LO 134390/NZ002874 May 28 1991
GC, RW Equinox Moody Blues
GC Anz All The Trimmings of Equinox
Anz Nicoalette of Equinox (of Elain)
Black-White Persian
1109-0818614 v0893 /(S)SVERAK LO 134391 Feb 2 1992
GC Anz Nicholas Nickleby DM
CH, EC, GP Anz If You Knew Susie
GC Witchshaven Circe (of Wattkatz)
Dilute Calico Van Persian
1185-0909244 v0795 Jan 18 1994
Persiapalace Rumplestilskin
Cream-White Persian
1114-0842837 v0693 Feb 29 1992
CH Brikendon's Dancing In The Dark
Brilee's Holly Berry of Persiapalace
Treetop's Morgana
Blue Persian
0107-0812003 v1293 Jul 4 1992
CH Abolengo Cowboy of Treetop
Kitty Charm Victorious Victoria
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