Pedigree of:

Xan Blue Lily
(F) , 0151-0085798, Blue-Cream Persian
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Flo-Sher Blue Indigo of Sta-Mar
Blue Persian
0106-0010334 v109
CH Flo-Sher Black Magic
Black Persian
0108-0005064 v107 Mar 7 1974
Flo-Sher Bobby of Sta-Mar
Cream Persian
0114-0002168 v101 May 1 1968
Castilia Ookpik of Dunhowa
CH, DGC Ben-Mar Minnie of Flo-Sher
CH Flo-Sher Gypsy of Sta-Mar
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0004337 v106 Sep 11 1972
CH Zoda Music Man of Flo-Sher
CH Flo-Sher Bo Peep
CH Flo-Sher Robinette of Sta-Mar
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-006093 v107 Jul 8 1974
CH Zoda Music Man of Flo-Sher
Colorbred Blue Persian
0106-0006063 v104 May 22 1971
GC Zoda Mon Ami Pierrot
Zoda Candida
Birch-Haven Robin of Flo-Sher
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0002941 v103 Jun 22 1970
CH, ACFA DGC Larks-Purr Sir Lancelot of Ben-Mar
CH Birch-Haven Neissa of Pic O'Wick
Latasha of Xan (?Hatasha)
Cream Cameo Persian
0199-0063608 Aug 17 1980
CH, DCH Kim-Con Casper of Sandhurst
Shaded Cameo Persian
0162-0000612 v106 /ACFA P25-S69-5138 Jul 28 1969
Jon Tom (Su Lin's Jon Tom)
Cream Persian
0114-0003085 v102 / ACFA P15-S67-4025 Oct 3 1966
CH, TCH Larks-Purr Sun-Beau of Paul-Mar
DGC Tim-Tam's Priss-E-Pants
ACFA GC Reynolds Ranch Sandra of Kim-Con
Shaded Cameo Persian
0163-0000412 v102/ACFA P35-S69-4088 Jun 4 1968
ACFA DCH Reynolds Ranch Royal Flush
Reynolds Ranch Butterface
Anona Tracy Dawne's Lil Lady
Blue-Cream Shaded Persian
0199-0002166 v110 May 1 1977
Kit'n Kaboodle Solomen of Anona
Shaded Cameo Persian
0162-0001447 v108 Apr 16 1975
CH Kuwa Jack O'Diamonds of Kit'n Kaboodle
CH Kuwa Tahiti Sunrise
Pink Mountain's So Posh
Blue-Cream Shaded Persian
0199-0001521 v109 Mar 17 1975
CH, TCH Colbyshire's Colby of Brio
Pink Mountain's Conglomeration
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