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Ximuly's Origami
(M) May 11 2009, 7798-1688035 v0510, Silver Tabby-White Exotic LH
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Calivan's Panda Bear of Ximuly
Black-White Exotic
7808-1632845 v0609 Oct 17 2007
GC Calivan's Dirty Harry DM
Black Exotic
7708-1522466 v0506/WCF LO 052510412G Sep 24 2004
GC, GP Pensfordhill Ebonez-Er of Calivan
Black Exotic
7708-1472630 v0904 Aug 19 2003
GC Ebonez Magical Memories
C.E. White Persian
0102-1324459 v1101 Jul 24 2000
GC Jonala Midnight Cowboy of Ebonez (Marsamis) DM
CH Ebonez Forbidden Ecstasy
CH Calivan's Camille of Pensfordhill DM
Black Exotic
7709-1412384 v1203 Jul 13 2002
GC Calivan's Cab Calloway of Lindemere (Alibamu)
CH, GP Calivan's Bo Peep
CH Calivan's Tuff Tabitha of Aviance DM
Brown Tabby Exotic
7745-1470285 v1204 Sep 7 2003
CH Grandaries Sockrates of Caravan(Calivan,Everd
Black-White Exotic
7808-1380628 v0902 May 30 2001
GC, DW Zoticats Buddy Love of Chun Lap (Grandaries) DM
Joyville Angel Eyes of Grandaries
CH Calivan's Tuff Tina of Pensfordhill DM
Blue Tabby Exotic
7753-1364390 v0902 Jun 9 2001
GC Calivan's Cab Calloway of Lindemere (Alibamu)
CH Granddelight Tuff Stuff of Calivan
GC, GP Calivan's Call Girl DM
Brown Tabby-White Exotic
7945-1418141 v0803 Jul 2 2002
CH Grandaries Sockrates of Caravan(Calivan,Everd
Black-White Exotic
7808-1380628 v0902 May 30 2001
GC, DW Zoticats Buddy Love of Chun Lap (Grandaries) DM
Red Tabby Exotic
7740-1226210 v1099 Jul 21 1998
GC, GP, NW Bryn Mawr Charlie Brown of Zoticats
GC, GP Lynges Flora Danica of Zoticats (of Kelso) DM
Joyville Angel Eyes of Grandaries
Black-White Van Persian
1309-1228619 v1099 Jul 24 1998
CH Joyville Catnip of Parti Wai (of Wishstar)
CH Joyville Earth Angel
CH Calivan's Liz Claiborne of Arrow DM
Brown Tabby Exotic
7745-1380626 v0902 Jul 31 2001
CH Nunza O 2 Cute of Calivan
Blue Tabby Exotic
7752-1300200 v0601 Feb 11 2000
GC Becton's O 2 Cool (of Nunza)
Du Fiesnet Mary Blue of Nunza
GC Primadowdy's Coco Chanel of Calivan
Black Smoke Exotic
7735-1077127 v0899 Apr 27 1996
CH Kikicat's Truth Endureth
GC Primadowdy's Lil Munchkin of Calivan
Catillak's Bubblie of Ximuly
Blue Silver Patched Tabby-White Exotic
7987-1640560 v0109 Sep 5 2007
GC Kewlkatz Silver Legacy of Jubileum
Blue Silver Tabby-White Van Persian
1338-1555636 v0207 Oct 6 2005
GC, RW Lacey-Paws Rocky Racoon of Kewlkatz
Brown Tabby-White Persian
1142-1493383 v1005 Mar 18 2004
CH Lacey-Paws Harry Potter
Brown Tabby-White Persian
1142-1366742 v0902 May 13 2001
GC Lacey-Paws Kodak Brown-E
CH Bontiphil Molly Malone
Wishstar Sparkle of Lacey-Paws DM
Brown Tabby-White Persian
1143-1331556 v0802 Aug 17 2000
GC, BW, NW Wishstar Triumph DM
CH Wishstar Ember of MacGlen
Colorway's Lillie of Kat-Knapurr(Mello-Rose)
Silver Tabby-White Van Persian
1133-1271819 v0204 Aug 3 1999
CH Primadowdy's Big League of Colorway
Brown Mackerel Tabby-White Persian
1142-1172663 v0599 Aug 11 1997
GC Primadowdy's Yogi Berra
CH Calivan's Joy! of Primadowdy
Colorway's Sadie of Aristopaz
Silver Tabby-White Persian
1133-1080220 v0797 Apr 7 1996
CH Kashmur's Rockamundo of Colorway
Chantarabe's Once Bitten Twice Shy
Cotn Hill Bitter Sweet of Catillak
Dilute Calico Exotic
7719-1544078 v0107 May 28 2005
Catillak's Touch Of Gray of Jubileum
Blue-White Van Persian
1306-1427870 v1004 Aug 17 2002
GC, RW Catillak's Sooner Or Later DM
Blue-White Persian
1106-1028498 v1197 May 8 1995
GC Brannaway Escapade of Catillak
Candirand's Blair of Catillak
GC, RW Catillak's Sweet Here After DM
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-1333348 v0102 - ?tabby Aug 18 2000
Tehy Apollo of Catillak DM
Candirand's Sweet Emotions DM
GC, RW Desmin Dawn Maiden of Cotn Hill DM
Blue Patched Tabby-White Exotic
7987-1410136 v1103 Jul 30 2002
CH Desmin Desert Five-Spot DM
Cream Mackerel Tabby-White Exotic
7792-1023366 v0497 Sep 22 1995
CH Kowaliga Ted E. Bear of Berlin
CH Zoticats Petunia of Desmin DM
GC, RW Heida Hello Dolly (formerly of Desmin) DM
Calico Van Exotic
7759-1363739 v0802 May 13 2001
Mr Bailey of Catsongs (Jasans)
GC Heida Bye Bye Love
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