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GC GP RW, NW SC ixiDixi's Four Tops of Leonidan JW, DSM
(M) Feb 1 2011, 7740-1721687/SVERAK LO 274718/FI SRK LO 86509, Red Tabby Exotic
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IC Gobo Fraggle de Abejar *ES
Brown Tabby Exotic LH
SVERAK LO 252104 /(ES)ASFE LO 42539 Sep 12 2007
Maradan-A-Sonar No Cuesta
Blue Exotic LH
ASFE LO 38678 Jul 2 2005
Maradan-E-A-No Me Digas
Blue Exotic LH
7798-1573383 v1007 / ASFE LO 36471/LO 3671 Sep 23 2003
GP,WW'04SW'07EC Maradan Grinch of Shabbychic DMR
Maradan E-A-Pispireta
CH, ES* Maradan Mariposa
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1471342 v0308/(ES) ASFE LO 36692 Jan 2 2004
Maradan Gran Ganga
Welcome Claudia Shiffer of Maradan
Maradan Milagritos
Brown Tabby-White Harlequin Exotic LH
7799-1573387/ASFE LO 40298 Apr 27 2006
Ydem Serial Lover of Maradan
Blue Tabby-White Exotic
7992-1472101 v0806 Jun 15 2003
Ydem Little Boudha of Kis' Herbas
Ydem Liu
ES* Maradan Mari Pili DM
Brown Patched Tabby Exotic LH
7799-1573232 v0806/(E) ASFE LO 35615 Jun 22 2003
GP,WW'04SW'07EC Maradan Grinch of Shabbychic DMR
Blueskyeyes Gabriella of Maradan
S* ixiDixi's Fear No More
Brown Patched Tabby Exotic
(S)SVERAK LO 221059 Apr 6 2006
PR,EC,SW'05'06 ixiDixi's Happy Birthday JW, DSM
Brown Tabby Exotic
(S)SVERAK LO 205168 Nov 14 2004
CH, S* ixiDixi's Black Magic
Black Exotic
(S)SVERAK LO 183946 Oct 7 2002
(N) Korsvik's Alfonso
S* Eddore Only For Ixi
EC, S* ixiDixi's Like A Dream
C.E. White Exotic LH
(S)SVERAK 160233 Nov 14 1999
IC, S* Eddore Undercover
S* Q Cat's Chimbou
S* ixiDixi's She's The One
Tortoiseshell Persian
(S)SVERAK LO 188902 Apr 27 2003
CH (N) Korsvik's Sand On My Hand
Cream Persian
(S)SVERAK LO 179173/(N)NRR LO Oct 31 2001
GC, EC Johaelan's Precious Louis
(N) Korsvik's Precious Cargo from Framor
S* ixiDixi's Pippi. C.
Tortoiseshell Exotic LH
(S)SVERAK LO 163348 Apr 26 2000
EC, S* Eddore Grand Prix
S* ixiDixi's My Girl
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