Pedigree of:
Bossa Nova Cleopatra of Callyn
(F) 02 Jul 2020, 7589-2896333, Blue Patched Classic Tabby CPC Exotic
CH Parti Wai EX Danger Zone of Softrax
07 Apr 2015
7954-2074411 v1217 Cream Spotted Tabby-White Exotic
GC NW Bhakti Fiammifero of Parti Wai EX
14 Feb 2014
7740-2024620 Red Tabby Exotic
GC, NW D'Eden Lover Narciso of Bhakti
05 Apr 2011
0102-1721533 v0812 C.E. White Persian
GC, BW, NW Melositos White Owl of D'Eden Lover DM, COY
02 Aug 2005 0102-1544457 v0308 C.E. White (Blue) Persian
GC, DW D'Eden Lover Above Stars of Kuorii DM
05 Sep 2004 1145-1510813 v1005 Brown Patched Tabby Persian
GC, DW D'Eden Lover Coriandoli of Bhakti DM
24 Aug 2010
7787-1710819 v0513(orig 7987-1710819) Brown Patched Spotted Tabby Exotic
CH D'Eden Lover Jurassic of BlueBerry
10 Oct 2008 7940-1660498 v0810 Red Mackerel Tabby-White Exotic
GC, GP, NW D'Eden Lover Cookie of Notricats (Wishes)
10 Jun 2006 7987-1580013 v0907 Blue Patched Mackerel Tabby-White Exotic
GC, NW D'Eden Lover Gypsy of Parti Wai EX DM
23 May 2011
7987S-1728761 v1212 Brown Patched Spotted Tabby-White Exotic
CH D'Eden Lover Gigolo of Wishes (Latin Lover) DM
21 May 2006
7744S-1576590 v1107 Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic
Latin Lover Papa Shulss DM
20 Jun 2004 7752S-1536458 v0805 Blue Spotted Tabby Exotic
D'Eden Lover Britney
05 Sep 2004 0149-1517592 v1105 Calico Persian
GC, NW D'Eden Lover One Star of Wishes DM
27 Jun 2005
0149-1538393 v0807 Calico Persian
GC D'Eden Lover Twinkle Star(V'Twinkle Star D'E) DM
23 Apr 2004 1114-1493797 v0805/LOOF 2004.14551 Cream-White Persian
Kuorii Mia of D'Eden Lover DM
13 Sep 2004 1109-1510817 v0905 Black-White Persian
GC Bossa Nova Dabomb of Callyn
18 Feb 2019
7345-2812747 v0920 Brown Tabby-White CPC Exotic
Porrima Gaius of Bossa Nova
27 Jul 2017
7544-2779961 Brown Tabby CPC Exotic
GIC, WCF Avis Rara Red Dragon of Porrima
30 Mar 2016
7740-2387544 Red Tabby Exotic
CH Feanor's Leon of Avis Rara
30 Jun 2012 7744-1759305 v0114 Brown Tabby Exotic
CH Maradan Amapola of Avis Rara
11 Jul 2013 0147-2035322 Tortoiseshell Persian
CH Porrima Delilah
21 Jun 2016
7545-2723374 / ICFA 11110021-40664sb Brown Tabby CPC Exotic
EC UW, CH (WCF) Elit Bell Baron Baltazar
ICFA 11100020-13788 Black Exotic
CH, WCF Porrima Cherry Sweet
02 Jun 2015 ICFA 11130051-40606sb /PKPK 135/2015/EXO Brown Patched Spotted Tabby Exotic
GC, RW Parti Wai Bombshell of Bossa Nova
05 Mar 2016
1189-2255965 v0917 Blue Patched Tabby-White Persian
GC Mystic Rose Red Hot Chili Pepper
15 Nov 2012
1110-1771393 v0714 Red-White Van Persian
GC, RW Mystic Rose Spot On
21 Sep 2010 1142-1710889 v0913 Brown Mackerel Tabby-White Persian
GC Mystic Rose Hey There Delilah
30 Mar 2008 1115-1634063 v1209 Cream-White Persian
GC, NW Parti Wai My Blue Heaven of Cuzzoe DM
11 Jan 2013
1107-1773076 v1014 Blue-White Harlequin Persian
GC, RW Parti Wai Orion of Kaikazkats
18 May 2011 1108-1726590 v0213 Black-White Van Persian
Parti Wai Summer Sky of Milord
03 Sep 2010 0119-1731451 v0912 Dilute Calico Persian