Pedigree of:
GC RW Ladiluck Johny Be Good
(M) 17 Jun 2009, 7752M-1682571 v0112, Blue Mackerel Tabby Exotic
GC, RW Ladiluck Elvis
21 Jul 2006
7954-1584570 v0709 Cream Tabby-White Exotic
GC Parti Wai EX Jim Dandy of Ladiluck
21 Apr 2003
7806-1458512 v1104 Blue-White Exotic
CH Grandaries So Smitten (of Parti Wai EX)
09 Jul 2001
7808-1369737 v0802 Black-White Exotic
Artemis Amulet of Katzino (Grandaries)
15 Aug 1999 1306-1333873 v0701 Blue-White Van Persian
CH Grandaries One From The Heart
14 Apr 1999 7747-1252564 v0801 Tortoiseshell Exotic
CH Parti Wai Cookie Face DM
12 Sep 1998
1109-1245473 v0402 Black-White Van Persian
GC, RW Oresta Critic Choice of Parti Wai
29 Feb 1996 1106-1059377 v0698 Blue-White Persian
CH Royal Lace Odette of Parti Wai
09 Apr 1995 0149-1008162 v1198 Calico Persian
GC, RW Floricats Painted Doll of Ladiluck DM
02 Apr 2005
7987-1523944 v1106 Blue Patched Mackerel Tabby-White Exotic
CH Dega-Bulu's Rembrandt of Purrmaker(Floricats)
22 Sep 2001
7792-1379353 v0803 Red Mackerel Tabby-White Exotic
GC Desmin Dinkey of Kall (of Dega-Bulu)
21 Jul 1999 7782M-1274317 v0504 Blue Mackerel Tabby-White Van Exotic
Brananshan Dolores of Dega-Bulu
22 May 1999 7741M-1296756 v1100 / NPV 9905-0132 Red Mackerel Tabby Exotic
GC Floricats Twister
20 Jan 2000
7745M-1294728 v0701 Brown Mackerel Tabby Exotic
GC JKZOO's Stormchaser of Floricats
10 Mar 1997 7792M-1130875 v0798 Brown Mackerel Tabby-White Exotic
PR Emacx Betty Boop of Floricats
31 Jul 1995 7745M-1042360 v0599 Brown Mackerel Tabby Persian
CH San-Fe Margot of Ladiluck
15 Jul 2007
7753M-1624495 v1209 Blue Mackerel Tabby Exotic
GC, RW Ydem Blue Velvet of San-Fe (Kall)
16 May 2000
7752-1311856 v0603 Blue Tabby Exotic
CH, DW Profecii's Bless My Soul of Yquem
09 Jun 1997
7752-1144909 v0698 Blue Tabby Exotic
GC Del Adene J'Bustopher Brown DM
21 Jul 1994 7744-0989219 v0896 / SCFF 15 269 Brown Tabby Exotic
Becton's Pretty Woman of Profecii
09 Jul 1995 7787-1020307 v0996 Brown Patched Tabby Exotic
CH, DW Yquem Divina Brown
23 Apr 1996
7745-1060270 v0897 Brown Tabby Exotic
GC, NW Jovan The Legend of Yquem COY
05 Sep 1989 7744-0595529 v1291 Brown Tabby Exotic
CH Jovan Miss Pennsylvania of Yquem
01 Sep 1991 7745-0755631 v1092 Brown Mackerel Tabby Exotic
Latin Lover Diva of San-Fe
15 Aug 2005
7753M-1546329 v1107 Blue Mackerel Tabby Exotic
Latin Lover Papa Shulss DM
20 Jun 2004
7752S-1536458 v0805 Blue Spotted Tabby Exotic
DW D'Eden Lover My Sexy Toy of Kuorii
20 Aug 2002 0140M-1418741 v0903/ LOOF 2003.5841 Red Mackerel Tabby Persian
EC Latin Lover Starlight
15 May 2001 7793-1366746 v1102 (orig.7719-1366746) Blue Patched Tabby-White Exotic
GC, NW Argentovivo Juliet of Wishes DM
03 May 2004
7787-1493042 v1105 Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby Exotic
Digit Hansel
15 Nov 2000 0110-1358065 v1002 Red Persian
CH Argentovivo Nikita of Latin Lover
12 Sep 1999 7745M-1284682 v0101 Brown Mackerel Tabby Exotic