Pedigree of:
Major McKinley
(M) , BCC, White? Persian
Gold Coin (s: Dale)
Tortoiseshell & White
NCC Persian
Hobart Silver (aka Silver)
BCC 348 v2 Blue-White Persian
Jack (s: Hobart Silver b:1899)
BCC Bi-Color Persian
BCC / English Import Persian
Unregistered dam of Jack
Domestic SH
NCC/BCC/CCRv4 Chinchilla Silver Persian
Lord Argent
x95 v1/ ACA 86 v1 / NCC 3088 v5 Masked Silver Persian
UK CH Silver Lambkin (1889)
BCC 66 v1/ USR 58 / NCC A-4022 Chinchilla Silver Persian
NCC CH Perso (aka: Purison)
NCC - sire and dam unknown Blue Smoke Persian
Beauty of Bridgeyate(Beauty,Beauty of Islingt
NCC 1635 v2 / ACA 66 v1 Chinchilla Silver Persian
Fluffy I (Mrs Vallance)
NCC Silver Tabby Persian
UK CH Chinnie (Mrs Vallance)
NCC -"Foundation" silver persian Chinchilla Silver Persian
Sylvia (Crompton Roads)
NCC Chinchilla Silver Persian
UK CH Topso (of Dingley) (aka Tovil of Dingley)
NCC 2000 v3 Silver Tabby Persian
Tiglath Pileser
NCC Chinchilla Silver Persian
Soupeya Lat
pre-NCC Chinchilla Silver Persian
Stella of Dingley
NCC 2007 v3 - sire & dam not given Silver Tabby Persian
Atossa II (aka: Atoxina)
USR 32 / CCR/NCC Blue Persian
Thunder And Lightning
NCC/C.C.R./USR#11 p169-sire & dam unknown Blue Smoke Persian
Atossa (1893)
USR 29 v1/BCC 132 Blue Persian
CH Glaucus
NCC 1063 v1 Blue Persian
The Friar
NCC 1212 v2 Blue Persian
NCC 1211 v2 Blue Smoke Persian
Hawthorn Bounce
NCC 1191 v2 /CCR v1 Blue Persian
UK CH Beauty Boy
NCC 1031 v1; USR 1 v1 Blue Persian
Hawthorn Mousie (aka Mousie)
NCC 1189 v2 - ? DOB Blue Persian