Breeding of:

Bramblefields Mollie Malone
(F) Apr 17 2003, GCCF CS 558177, Blue Point Persian
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Sire Bramblefields Harvey Moon   (M) Apr 26 2001 GCCF CS 493120 Seal Point Persian
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Dam Popup Susan   (F) Sep 9 2000 GCCF CS 477127 Seal Tortie Point Persian
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Litter 1
Apr 30 2009
GC Cozmo Firewire of Quin-Jo(Argentovivo)   (M) Apr 14 2001 0140M-1363086 v1202/GCCF CS 634029 Red Mackerel Tabby Persian
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  1. Juannre First Edition   (F) Apr 30 2009 GCCF CSSR 741916 Tortie Tabby CPC Persian
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