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Aulain Heavenly Blessing
(F) Jul 4 1993, 1145-0886934 v0198, Brown Patched Tabby Persian
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GC, RW Pinkfantasy Wave Maker of Picwic
Brown Tabby Persian
0144-0730199 v1192 Jul 11 1991
GC Pinkfantasy Tonkatoy
Black Persian
0108-0466165 v0789 Apr 4 1988
GC Bar-B Flash Fire of Pinkfantasy
Red Persian
0110-0298645 v0887 Oct 9 1985
GC Bar-B The Wiz of Mystichill DM
GC, RW Lullaby Avanti of Bar-B DM
CH Pinkfantasy Tinkertoy
Black Persian
0109-0282832 v1087 Aug 13 1985
GC, PR Bar-B Shazam of Roehaven (of Pinkfantasy)
CH Ardy Tinkerbelle of Pinkfantasy
Kashmur's Molly McGee
Brown Tabby Persian
0145-0438926 v0788 May 23 1987
GC Midas Makin' Waves of Kashmur
Brown Tabby Persian
0144-0319585 v0887 Jul 6 1985
GC, TICA GC Lullaby Abracadabra of Midas DM
CH Debo's Diorling of Midas (of Shadowvalley)
GC Kashmur's Eartha Kitt
Black Persian
0109-0308110 v0987 Aug 18 1985
GC Kashmur's Chubby Checkers
CH Goodluck Blue Gingham of Kashmur
CH Aulain Sparkling Snowflake
C.E. White Persian
0103-0403647 Aug 24 1987
CH Nalini Share The Fantasy of Aulain
O.E. White Persian
0104-0270669 v1086
GC Fontaine Mandeley
C.E. White Persian
0102-0072365 v0783/ACF 1223-028 May 12 1981
Fontaine Dazzler
Fontaine Ariba
CH Fontaine Quan-Yin Kanta of Aulain
Cream Persian
0115-0217576, v0885
CH Castilia Bit O'Pekoe of Nor-Mont
Fontaine Odessey
Aulain Lil Impulse of Amaya
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0369555 v0887 Jul 8 1986
CH Charjalong Novum Initium
Cream Persian
0114-0311291 v0786 Jan 17 1984
GC Lin-Lea's Blueprint of Charjalong
CH Simbelair Fritter of Charjalong
CH Huggies Li'l Ombre of Aulain
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0292161 v0786 Jul 28 1985
CH Iran's Strut My Stuff of Babystar
GC Eirewood's Ombre Rose of Rosepuff
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