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Beaudee's Looky Looky Looky
(F) Jun 25 1990, 1145-0684146 v1192, Brown Patched Tabby Persian
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CH Dolcevita Risky Business of Beaudee
Brown Tabby Persian
0144-0479159 v1190 Dec 18 1987
GC Pa-Ha Shortcake of Dolcevita
Red Tabby Persian
0140-0370519 v0888 Dec 18 1986
GC, RW Wilcha's Chocolate Mousse of Pa-Ha
Brown Tabby Persian
0144-0128541 v1085 Jun 26 1982
CH, ACFA TCH Bevron Hot Fudge of Wilcha
Wilcha's Jelly Bean
GC Palmetto's Sunbird DM
Red Persian
0111-0075169 v0185 Jul 2 1981
GC, RW Palmetto's Sunchaser
Palmetto's Flamingo
CH Dolcevita Genuine Risk
Brown Tabby Persian
0145-0259951 v0687
GC, NW Sarouk's Sharruko
Brown Tabby Persian
0144-0071079 v0783/FIN SRK LO 50708 Jun 20 1981
CH Sarouk's Esteban
GC Sarouk's Chanda DM
GC, BW, RW Sarouk's Sabine of Dolcevita
Brown Tabby Persian
0145-0106229 v0783 Jan 29 1982
CH Sarouk's Esteban
Sarouk's Medina
GC Beaudee Annie
Red Tabby Persian
0141-0292085 v1088 Aug 23 1985
GC Myshadows Echo of Beaudee DM
Red Persian
0110-0233294 v1285 Aug 1 1984
GC Midas Radabaugh of Mystichill DM
Black Persian
0108-0086475 v0683 Jul 8 1981
GC, TICA GC Lullaby Abracadabra of Midas DM
Mystichill Sweet Cheeks (of Midas)
CH Midas Sweet Tart of Myshadows
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0014839 v112 Aug 6 1979
GC Midas Ziegfield DM
Prim-Pet Hexsin of K'Jari (of Midas)
CH Anz Angelique of Beaudee
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0209489 v1285 Apr 16 1984
GC Currle Cats Cory of Anz
Cream Persian
0114-0055058 v1082 Sep 8 1980
GC Willow Glen Baccarat DM
GC Currle Cats Hosita of Confection
CH Anz Jessica
Blue Persian
0107-0117330 v1083 Feb 18 1982
GC Currle Cats Complaint of Catsmartin
CH, GP Beirut Sabrina Fair of Anz
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