Pedigree of:

CH Catjoy Jasmine of Dancecats
(F) , 0147-0325460, Tortoiseshell Persian
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CH Jean-Lee's Jiffy Mix of Catjoy
Red Tabby Persian
0140-0129348, v0384 Jun 17 1982
CH Sunlands Tabasco of Tamrosha
Red Persian
0110-0004761, v111 May 16 1978
GC Midas Ziegfield DM
Red Persian
0110-0003697 v109 May 3 1976
CH Midas Jazzman of Sitara
CH Midas Miss Impact
CH Sunlands Sunflower
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0009714 v109 Feb 23 1976
GC Hi-Camp Candy Man of Sunlands
CH Ro-El Galadriel of Sunlands
CH Jean-Lee's Spring Fling
Red Persian
0111-0004525, v1082 Apr 15 1980
CH Corsair's Chewbacca
Red Persian
0110-0004634 Aug 9 1977
CH Silva-Wyte Black Ice of Kalamar
Corsair's Cotton Candy of Miyuki
CH Tyan of Tamaqua
Red Persian
0111-0002259 v109 Jul 3 1974
CH Catch-A-Penny Erik The Red
Ron-Nor-Lin Mandarin Lady
Catjoy Princess Daisy
Black Persian
0109-0181206 Jul 30 1983
Vagabond Arnie of El Royale
Black Persian
0108-0098924 Jun 8 1980
Vagabond Little Billy
Blue Persian
0106-0013859, v112 Jun 22 1978
CH Vagabond Crusader of Panei
CH Melotone's Lady Lookout
Vagabond Miss Tarbaby
Black Persian
0109-0003092 v104 Sep 18 1970
CH, ACFA GC Vagabond Boston Blackie
CH Vagabond Wee Hope
CH Corsair's Lorelei of Miyuki
Black Persian
0109-0007828 v112 Apr 16 1978
CH Silva-Wyte Black Ice of Kalamar
Black Persian
0108-0002561, v103 Sep 13 1969
GC Fairvilla Little Soot of Jo-Ni
CH, PR Silva-Wyte Ouija of Willowood
CH Woodland Spun Sugar of Hi-Camp
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0005251 v106 Oct 2 1971
GC, NW Woodland Goldfinger
Woodland Sugar Baby
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