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GC Corsica's Montage of Chun Lap
(M) Jul 30 1997, 7740-1155845 v0499, Red Tabby Exotic
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Corsica's The Noogey Man
Red Tabby-White Exotic
7792-1118901 v0997 Sep 28 1996
GC Red Sky The Limit of Kadiska
Black-White Persian
1108-0636912 v0792 Jun 11 1990
GC Willafred's Happy Ever After
Red Tabby-White Persian
1192-0389051 v0589 Jan 26 1987
CH Bernard's P.T.S. Mojo of Willafred
Mytoodles Storybook Endings of Lenes
GC Marhei Magic Marquer of Red Sky
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0504177 v0190 Jun 29 1988
GC, RW Mystichill On The Marque of Marhei DM
Harwood Tangelo of Marhei DM
Corsica's Ricochet
Tortoiseshell Exotic
7747-0865568 v0794 Jun 29 1992
Corsica's Final Edition
Black Persian
0108-0615245, v1090 May 10 1985
GC, RW Jo-Le's Jackpot of Pegsden
Satterlee Mumbly Peg
Squire's Rainbow of Corsica
Tortoiseshell Exotic
7747-0720576 v0792 Sep 28 1988
GC Corsica's Curses of Skyway
Squire's Breezy of Sojaro
Paquita's Precious of Corsica
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1026466 v1296 May 14 1995
GC, GIC Paquita's Big Mac
Black Persian
0108-0590369 v0192 Jul 4 1989
GC, RW Paquita's Quiet Riot
Black Persian
0108-0340266 v0488 / /DEKZV 145258 Jun 19 1986
CH Surrey Hill Mud Pie of Paquita
Village Inn Special Sparkle of Paquita
GC South Paw Sunny Star of Paquita
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0322393 /DEKZV 145631 Mar 10 1986
GC, BW, NW South Paw Sunburst DM, COY
GC Mystichill Too Hot To Handle DM
Vignette's Magnificat of Paquita
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0734741 Sep 12 1991
GC South Paw Sunny Side O' The Street
Red Persian
0110-0233592 v0786 / DEKZV 145629 Sep 15 1984
GC Lullaby About Face of South Paw DM
GC South Paw Sunstroke
CH Village Inn Ashley of Vignette
Blue Persian
0107-0408247 Sep 4 1987
GC Goliada Beau Brummel of Village Inn
CH Fontaine Swiss Miss of Village Inn
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