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Corsica's Oceana of Purfurvid
(F) Dec 17 2004, 7749-1557327 v0506, Calico Exotic
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Purfurvid Coldplay of Al'Orange (Corsica)
Black-White Exotic
7808-1485499 v0904 Aug 20 2003
CH Corsica's Dapper Dan
Black-White Exotic
7808-1362524 v0702 Apr 25 2001
CH Corsica's The Renegade
Black-White Exotic
7808-1200855 v0799 May 18 1998
Corsica's The Noogey Man
Corsica's Ditto
Corsica's Flora
Tortoiseshell Exotic
7747-1257266, v0600 Feb 19 1999
GC Corsica's Montage of Chun Lap
Corsica's Ditto
CH Purfurvid Pink
Black-White Exotic
7809-1387962 v0503 Jan 13 2002
GC Larpa Dark Secret of Larpa (Mt Hood)
Black Exotic
7708-1158216 v1298 Nov 20 1996
GC Del Adene J'Bustopher Brown DM
Larpa Indecent Proposal
Bolo's Touch-Of-Color of Purfurvid
Calico Persian
0149-1122603 v0998 Jan 19 1997
CH Bolo's Box Car Willy of Rubyrose
GC, GIC Bolo's Merry Jo
Corsica's Roumalade
Red Tabby Exotic
7741-1464726 v0904 Jun 10 2003
CH Satterlee King Creole of Corsica
Red Tabby Exotic
7740-1401933 v0703 Oct 15 2000
Satterlee Frog Eyes
Red Tabby-White Persian
1140-1286387 v0200 Apr 13 1997
GC Red Sky Ship Ahoy of Marmondy (Topcattery)
Satterlee Sweetie
Satterlee Min E. Pearl
Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby Exotic
7787M-1270762 v0200 Sep 1 1998
Satterlee Chuck E. Murray
Satterlee Mag E. Murray
Corsica's Oh So Pepper
Red Mackerel Tabby Exotic
7741M-1289064 v0600 Feb 4 1999
Corsica's Comes A Runnin
Red Tabby-White Exotic
7792-1200854 v0499 Dec 18 1997
CH Corsica's Illusive
Corsica's Chloe
CH Corsica's Peppermint Patti
Red Exotic
7711-0961567 v1296 Oct 27 1994
CH Corsica's Muad'Dib
Corsica's Ricochet
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