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UK CH Dawn of Hope
(F) Jul 7 1927, GCCF 13629 SB # 1281 v4, Blue Persian
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UK CH Flick-A-Maroo
Blue Persian
GCCF 10929 SB# 788 v3-4 /Transfer # 11373 Apr 24 1925
Dazzler of Henley
Blue Persian
GCCF 9537 SB#625 v2-3 Jun 7 1923
UK CH Barry Bluejohn
Blue Persian
NCC / GCCF 1064 SB#78 v2 May 24 1911
UK CH Neila Billi of Thorpe
Colorbred Blue Persian
NCC 3828? /SB #54A v1 Mar 27 1903
UK CH Orange Blossom of Thorpe
Barrymore Periwinkle
UK CH Regina of Emberton
Blue Persian
NCC 7501, PERa ; GCCF v1 Jun 21 1907
Rex (ncc)
Miffanwy (ncc)
Harebell (gccf 9513)
Blue Persian
GCCF 9513
John Jameson
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF SB#106, v2 May 13 1918
Sundog of Thorpe
Blue Bell (1917)
Queenie (gccf-D:Jamesina-B:1921)
Providence Mousie
Blue Persian
GCCF 7146 SB#185 v1-2 Mar 10 1921
UK CH Blair Athol
Blue Persian
GCCF 3909, SB #71 v2 / xx5379 v9 May 9 1912
UK CH Blue Jacket of Hyver
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 16 v1/USR 136 Jun 3 1910
UK CH Bluecap of Thorpe
Sapphire of Castlethorpe (Oaklands Sapphire)
Verona of Hawkhurst
Blue Persian
Big Ben (of Devonshire)
Mona of Hawkhurst
Blue Tit of Downside
Blue Persian
GCCF SB#149 v2 May 19 1916
Blue Britisher
Blue Persian
ACA 3317 v9 / GCCF 5509 Mar 13 1913
Vanity of Thorpe
Ruckholt Queenie
Christabel of Downside (aka Mistress Christab
Black Persian
GCCF SB#16 v2 Jun 5 1914
Black Persian
Fluffy Ruffles (d:Christabel of Downside)
Blue Persian
GCCF 13117 Apr 1 1926
Blue Persian
GCCF 8915
UK CH Azure of Hadley
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 5022 v1 SB#74 v3 (?5028) Jul 28 1915
Bunny Hug of Hyver
Blue Persian
UK CH Blue Jacket of Hyver
Madam Mousie (?Maisie)
Scilla of Hadley (of Hyver)
Blue Persian
NCC 7728/ GCCF 728 SB #212 v1-2 Mar 15 1910
UK CH Sir Archie II of Arrandale
Berkshire Lassie
Irish Colleen
Blue Persian
Tipperary (GCCF)
Blue Persian
Bonnie Joe of Bournemouth
Wendy (gccf-d: Chloe-b:1921)
Black Persian
Black Boy
Susan (sometimes Susie)
Blue Persian
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