Pedigree of:

Eyre Brigitt
(F) May 8 1963, 0111-0000367 v97, Red Persian
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Lancaster's Sandy II
Cream Persian
0114-0000278 v92 Mar 5 1959
Lancaster's Richochet Romancer
Blue Persian
93-SB-917 v88 Aug 9 1956
CH Purri-Isle Kyria of Silver Moth
Colorbred Blue Persian
72-SB-232 v72/P12-S55-361 Jun 8 1953
CH Wimauma Kevin of Purri-Isle
Wimauma Christine of Purri-Isle
Kathy of Lancaster
Blue Persian
83-SB-430 v83 Sep 19 1954
Silver Moth Lucky King
Sylvandell's Sapphire Bleue
Lancaster's Red Ginger
Red Persian
0111-0000049 v88 Feb 27 1958
Castilia Sandy of Lancaster
Cream Persian
80-SB-575 v80 Sep 27 1954
CH Madeira Nonpareil of Castilia
CH Castilia Senora De Oro
CH Silver-Moth Hope of Tropic Isle
Cream Persian
69-SB-506 v69/P15-S55-535/ACA 31130 Apr 30 1953
CH Silver-Moth Col. Cream Puff
CH Silver-Moth Loreli
CH Castilia Michael's Rosebud
Red Persian
0111-0000134 v88 May 20 1959
GC,CFF QCH,TCH Longhill's Michael II of Castilia
Cream Persian
88-SB-350 v84/CFF 19414 Jul 17 1955
GC Longhill's Michael
Cream Persian
56-SB-420 v56 Apr 30 1951
GC Longhill's Red Treasure
Eiderdown Phian of Seacrest
CH Longhill's Mazda of Castilia
Blue-Cream Persian
83-SB-109 v83 Jul 19 1954
CH Blue Peter of Elmsford
CH Longhill's Bali of Pineholme
CH Castilia Autumn
Tortoiseshell Persian
79-SB-230 v79 Jul 30 1954
CH Madeira Nonpareil of Castilia
Red Persian
72-SB-139 v72 / P14-S55-469/CFF 12983 v21 Sep 3 1952
CH Madeira Aristocrat
CH Madeira Spangle
PR Castilia Pati Ruth
Blue Persian
56-SB-223 v56 May 18 1951
Nor-Mont Gadabout
Aliquippa Blue Violet
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