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IC, IDP* Guldrosen's Nelly
(F) Oct 12 1999, (SE)SVERAK LO 172498 /(SE)BKK 4851-99, Brown Mackerel Tabby Exotic
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CH, IDP* Shiraz Popsicle
Blue Tabby Persian
(SE)BKK 4587-98 Jun 11 1998
S* Shiraz Keepsake
Brown Tabby Persian
(S)SVERAK LO 145187 /(S)BKK 4513-98 Mar 15 1997
Bocasana's Staying Alive
Blue Tabby Persian
(S)SVERAK LO 128293 Sep 2 1994
GIC Jonala Born In The USA
Dearborn On My Mind of Bocasana DM (FIFe)
CH, S* Athelstones Narcissus
Black Persian
SVERAK LO 134819 Dec 15 1995
GIP, EC, WW '00 Kyaleen Talisman DM
S* Athelstones Extazy DM (FIFe)
S* Shiraz Copyright Edition
Tortoiseshell Persian
(S)SVERAK LO 133681/BKK 4574-98 Oct 5 1995
CH Bocasana's Jailhouse Rock
Red Persian
(SE)SVERAK LO 117500 Jun 25 1993
GC PaJean's Bayou Bandit of Bocasana (of Kuorii)
S* Bocasana's Blaze of Glory
Bocasana's Rhapsody In Blue
Blue-Cream Persian
(S)SVERAK LO 100939 / BKK 3574-92 Jun 13 1991
EC Wynden Simply Red of Eddore DM (FIFe)
Jtay Carolina Angel of Jonala
S* Shiraz Jo-Ann
Black Exotic
(SE)SMK 4927-97 /SVERAK LO 142999 Dec 30 1996
S* Athelstones Enforcer
Black Persian
(S) SVERAK LO 121074 Dec 7 1993
IC, S* Athelstones Black Rain
Black Persian
KKN LH 478-94/(SE)SVERAK LO 105365 Nov 11 1991
IC, S* Henicell's Feliz Navidad
EP, IC Tidewater's Wild Abandon DM (FIFe)
S* Athelstones Extazy DM (FIFe)
Tortoiseshell Persian
(S)SVERAK LO 109028 Apr 4 1992
IC, S* Henicell's Feliz Navidad
Lauralas Forget Me Not DM (FIFe)
IC, S* Athelstones Georgina
Brown Tabby Exotic
(S)SVERAK LO 133170 / BKK 4573-98 Aug 25 1995
GC, EC, PR Telone's Type-O DM (FIFe)
Blue Tabby Exotic
7752-0850744v0999/SverakLO129126/FD LO 111755 Mar 4 1993
Telone's Thumper
CH Dancecats Dirty Dancer
EC Kikicat's Glory Hallelujah DM (FIFe)
Brown Tabby Exotic LH
7799-0985184 / (S) SVERAK LO 131885 Feb 22 1994
GC Kikicat Quiet Spirit of Fairviewers
CH Kikicat's B Thy Way Lord
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