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GC Hankypankys Gadget of Harwood (of Larpa)
(M) Sep 11 1989, 0108-0584508 v0591 / DEKZV LO 179481, Black Persian
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GC Marhei Express of Hankypankys
Black Persian
0108-0504795 v0190 Sep 27 1988
GC, RW Katrina's Special Delivery
Black Persian
0108-0333392 v0188 Jun 18 1986
GC, NW Bar-B V.I.C. of Marhei DM
Black Persian
0108-0118465 v0483 / DEKZV RX 136427 May 17 1982
Bar-B Super Star of Edgewater (of Midas)
GC Bar-B Shadow Dancer
GC, GP, RW Katrina's Love Letter DM
Black Persian
0109-0185715 v0685 Oct 8 1983
GC, TICA GC Lullaby Abracadabra of Midas DM
GC Katrina's Scandal
Marhei Dark Side O'The Moon
Black Persian
0109-0411593 v1188 Mar 28 1987
GC, RW Mystichill On The Marque of Marhei DM
Black Persian
0108-0295530 v0787 / DEKZV 162058 Sep 3 1985
GC Mystichill Junior of Q-T Cats
CH SW '01 S* Seapearls High Q of Mystichill (of Q-T Cats)
Marhei Moonrise
Black Persian
0109-0211656 v0186 Jun 26 1984
GC, NW Bar-B V.I.C. of Marhei DM
Marhei Moonbeam DM
CH Hankypankys Tinker Toy
Black Persian
0109-0451448 v1289 Nov 23 1987
GC Hankypankys Spittin Image
Black Persian
0108-0341976 v0187 May 26 1986
CH Hankypankys Blackberry Brandy
Black Persian
0108-0245265 v0286 Oct 17 1984
GC, TICA GC Lullaby Abracadabra of Midas DM
CH Midas Sheba of Hankypankys
CH Hankypankys Fallen Angel
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0159044 v0785 Apr 6 1983
CH Wenlock Caspian of Hankypankys
CH Willow Glen Lila Arlene of Jensen
CH Hankypankys Cherish
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0278974 v0287 Aug 28 1985
CH Wenlock Caspian of Hankypankys
Red Persian
0110-0056596 v1182 Aug 17 1980
Shawnee Black Kid of Wenlock
GC K'Jari Hot Tamale of Wenlock
CH Willow Glen Shadow Dancin
Black Persian
0109-0167506 v0785 Apr 19 1983
GC Willow Glen Baccarat DM
Miribu Cozy
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