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GIP Jerba Nicol's Chouchou-Chenine
(F) Jul 8 1993, RvT 76.707, Blue-Cream Exotic
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Jerba Nicol's Djengis-Dyon
Blue-White Exotic
RvT 66.464 Aug 8 1991
CH, EC Ubi Bene Ibi el Kahena
Blue Exotic
LOS 83-4178 /DEKZV 11748-086863
GIC Pahlewi's Exoti Duster
Blue Exotic
DEKZV 117742-025363 Apr 3 1980
CH, GIC Jondom Cyrus
Blue Exotic
7706-0000224 / DEKZV 117505-019142 Feb 8 1977
GC Miners Ravine Harvy Walbanger
Jondom Bette
IC Smoky-Cherokee v. Pahlewi
Black Smoke Persian
DEKZV 501008-013971
IC Black Olymp von Pahlewi
IC Evita von Pahlewi
IC Jeola v. Silbersandstein
Blue Persian
DEKZV 36280 / Trans LOS 83-4065
IC Wil-O-Rose Nite Cap
Blue Persian
0106-0009999 / DEKZV V ZB 28179-004927 Jul 31 1975
Simbelair Fanfair of Wil-O-Rose DM
CH Simbelair Jewel of Wil-O-Rose
IC Kohinoor's Blue Pandora
Blue Persian
DEKZV 25050 Sep 20 1975
IC Kohinoor's Blue Conversano
Dulcie of Dunesk
GIC Jerry of The Purple Rain
Black-White Persian
RvT 49-467
Yard Listen Winnie de Phoe
Black-White Persian
RvT 42.999
Sparkling Sirocco Rebanchad
Blue-White Persian
SNVK 83-02-42L
CH Debelle's Blazing Saddles (imp.To Norway)
IC De Nolle's Cute Cats Delightful Danielle
Angie the Boucanier
Tortoiseshell Persian
RvT. 27.311
CH Jockey of The Funny quarters
Roosje the Boucanier
Nikita van Monmarinda
Calico Persian
RvT. 43.063
Roberto van Hilmanette
Cream Persian
CH Beau van de Styx
Antina van Hilmanette
Maartje Uut 't Ieseldonck
Black-White Harlequin Persian
NCT 770479
Olivier Bommel van de Eiken
Andemar Tenuita
GIC Lion House Shamu of Jerba Nicol
Blue-Cream Exotic LH
7751-0805161 v0694 - ELH Jun 14 1992
CH Belstar Reflection of LionHouse
Blue Persian
0106-0430969 v0888 Jun 8 1987
CH South Paw White Stuff
C.E. White Persian
0102-0332026, v0188 Nov 24 1985
GC, NW South Paw Gizmo DM
Black Persian
0108-0233593 v0186 Oct 10 1984
GC Lullaby About Face of South Paw DM
CH, GP South Paw Ashes N' Embers
Wil-O-Rose Suprema of South Paw
C.E. White (Bluecream) Persian
0103-0156820 v0584 Sep 18 1982
Tropicana Jerico of Northbrook
Wil-O-Rose Rebecca of Tamikat
Belstar Jane
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0237553 v0986 Aug 16 1984
CH, CFF DGC Midas Jet Stream of Lebarbie (of Belstar)
Black Persian
0108-0157001 v0284 Sep 21 1982
GC, TICA GC Lullaby Abracadabra of Midas DM
CH Prim-Pet Cloudburst of Midas
CH Simbelair Peace of South Paw
Cream Persian
0115-0007575 v112 May 28 1979
CH Wil-O-Rose Dino of Simbelair
Simbelair Pamela
CH Lion House Viva
C.E. White Exotic
7703-0720319 v0892 Apr 25 1991
Belstar For The Good Times
C.E. White Persian
0102-0510486, v0890 Aug 10 1988
CH Kitty Charm Ice Tradition of Belstar
C.E. White Persian
0102-0430962 v1088 Jun 24 1987
GC Kitty Charm Megabucks of Sheranne
GC Kitty Charm Ice Revue DM
CH Belstar Tootsie
Cream Persian
0115-0168498 v0784 Jan 2 1983
GC, NW Ann-Ge's Cool Million of Windborne DM, KOY
CH Simbelair Peace of South Paw
Lion House Cobby Kitty
Cream Exotic
7715-0516150 v0790 Apr 13 1988
CH Daydreamer Halston of Nay-Tay
Cream Persian
0114-0158210 v0385 Nov 11 1982
GC Daydreamer Dustin
Daydreamer Allspice of Nay-Tay
Lion House Ruby Red Dress
Red Mackerel Tabby Exotic
7741M-0226122 v1085 May 7 1984
CH Rosebud Red Cloud of Potowotomi
CH Lion House Lemonade
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