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IC Jerba Nicol's Crazy-About-Candy
(F) Aug 19 1995, 7799-1012835 v1196 / RVT 88.464, Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby-White Exotic LH
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IC Jerba Nicol's Sonny-Go-Steady
Cream-White Exotic LH
7770-0921324 v1095 / RvT 81.562 May 12 1994
GC Purrsay's Purr C. Heartthrob of Kall
Cream-White Persian
1114-0655025 / DEKZV 206132 Jul 16 1990
GC, RW Purrsay's Captain-O'-The-Heart
Red-White Van Persian
1180-0345713 v0290 Sep 1 1986
GC, RW Rambo's Salute To Pegsden
CH Halloween's Costum Maid of Purrsay
Purrsay's Sunnyface
Cream Persian
0115-0581173 Sep 22 1988
Purrsay's Uncle Sam's Nephew
Purrsay's Thundercat of Jobi
GIC Lion House Shamu of Jerba Nicol
Blue-Cream Exotic LH
7751-0805161 v0694 - ELH Jun 14 1992
CH Belstar Reflection of LionHouse
Blue Persian
0106-0430969 v0888 Jun 8 1987
CH South Paw White Stuff
Belstar Jane
CH Lion House Viva
C.E. White Exotic
7703-0720319 v0892 Apr 25 1991
Belstar For The Good Times
Lion House Cobby Kitty
IC Kall 026, Russian Roubles of Jerba Nicol
Brown Spotted Tabby Exotic
7745S-0952853 May 9 1994
GC Purrsay's Atom-12 of Kall
Black-White Persian
1108-0570904 v0993 Apr 2 1989
GC Pimms Johnnie Walker of Purrsay
Black Persian
0108-0414631 v0892 Aug 4 1987
GC Pironti Atom
Marcus Surprise of Pimms
Purrsay's Isadorable
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-0342670 v1188 Jul 13 1986
Huggies Rocky II
CH Halloween's Pastel of Purrsay
GC Mary Lou Lion D'Or of Kall
Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby Exotic
7787-0821563 Oct 6 1992
Meadowlark's Feu Follet of Mary Lou
Red Persian
0110-0557703 v0391 May 16 1989
Meadowlark's Mo-Jo
Meadowlark's Mercedes
Mary Lou Patchoulie
Brown Mackerel Tabby Exotic
Paisleyprint's Bengal Tiger
GC, CNW Mary Lou Urantia
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