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Jerba Nicol's Zoey-Zappt
(M) May 23 2004, 7818-1500343, Black-White Van Exotic
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GC, DW, GIC Brettonpark Big Hug of Jerba Nicol
Blue-White Harlequin Exotic
7806-1400356 v0103 / KVL 01-012-0964-0 Sep 25 2000
IC Bocasana's Ziggy Stardust
Blue Mackerel Tabby-White Harlequin Persian
1156M-1240979v0999/SV LO150863/DEKZV264623 Feb 27 1998
GC, GIC Vickits Diamante of Bocasana
Blue-White Van Persian
1180-0800058v0694/SVERAK LO131888/DEKZV229818 Jun 19 1992
GC, RW Vickits Mirage
CH Jonala Blue Angel of Vickits DM
Bocasana's Vanity of Xennedu
Brown Tabby-White Van Persian
1125-1064210 v0896/(S)SVERAK LO 130567/DEKZV Mar 16 1995
GC PaJean's Bayou Bandit of Bocasana (of Kuorii)
Dearborn On My Mind of Bocasana DM (FIFe)
Brettonpark Joy
Brown Tabby-White Exotic
7793-1240976v999/KVL98-251-0646-0/DEKZV264626 Jul 20 1996
Katabuv's This Buds For You
Blue-White Van Persian
1306-0956584 v0198/(D)DEKZV 236389 Aug 29 1994
Katabuv Uno
Devotion Vision-Of-Love of Katabuv
Brettonpark Modern Times
Brown Patched Tabby-White Exotic
KVL 96-118-1041-1/(D)DEKZV 264625
GC Dancecats All That Jazz
New Precious Reet Petit
CH, IC Lindsy's Home Dream Girl of Jerba Nicol
Calico Harlequin Exotic
7749-1448658 v0904/RvT 109.643 Sep 25 2001
CH Jerba Nicol's Mitch-Mover
Black-White Exotic LH
7808-1219381/RVT 101.487 Aug 9 1998
GIC Stella Nova's Exotic Radar
Black Exotic
FD LO 81320 Jun 23 1995
Kyaleen Just For Fun of Lynges
Del Adene J'Blue Velvet
Jerba Nicol's Twin-Twister
Brown Patched Tabby-White Exotic LH
7799-1159065 v1198/RVT 96.427 May 11 1997
IC Polcann Apollo of Golden Beach
IC Jerba Nicol's Crazy-About-Candy
IC Jerba Nicol's Just-Jealousy
Calico Exotic
7749-1088385 v0500 /RvT 93.889 Sep 19 1996
CH, IC Lion House D.J. Jovi of Purr Bliss (of JN)
Red Tabby-White Exotic
7792-0985185 v0696 Aug 20 1994
CH Lion House As Good As It Gets
Wincliff Ginger of Lion House
IC Jerba Nicol's Crazy-About-Candy
Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby-White Exotic LH
7799-1012835 v1196 / RvT 88.464 Aug 19 1995
IC Jerba Nicol's Sonny-Go-Steady
IC Kall 026, Russian Roubles of Jerba Nicol
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