Pedigree of:

GIC Jerry of The Purple Rain
(F) , RvT 49-467, Black-White Persian
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Yard Listen Winnie de Phoe
Black-White Persian
RvT 42.999
Sparkling Sirocco Rebanchad
Blue-White Persian
SNVK 83-02-42L
CH Debelle's Blazing Saddles (imp.To Norway)
Red-White Persian
0190-0000451 / NKS 27-211 Sep 10 1975
CH Hell-Cats Thor of Robba
Blue Persian
0106-0004256 v102 May 18 1969
Hadleigh Serenade of Hell-Cats
GC Gaylands Athena of Hell-Cats
CH H.S. Fantasia of Debelle
Calico Persian
0149-0000233 v107 Mar 20 1974
Fountainhead Midnight Special
Retro China Doll
IC De Nolle's Cute Cats Delightful Danielle
Blue-White Harlequin Persian

Angie the Boucanier
Tortoiseshell Persian
RvT. 27.311
CH Jockey of The Funny quarters
Blue Persian
FE.L79.P2.068.3 Jul 27 1979
CH, IC Ben-Mar August Moon of Caravan
Colorbred Blue Persian
0106-0007854 v106/NKS 27-546 Aug 22 1973
GC Ben-Mar Moon Dust of Janilee
GC Ben-Mar April's Moon
IC Crowdecote Cymbeline
Blue Persian
NKS 23-070 Apr 10 1973
Peereth Aaron
Crowdecote Cherie
Roosje the Boucanier
Calico Persian

Nikita van Monmarinda
Calico Persian
RvT. 43.063
Roberto van Hilmanette
Cream Persian
FE.L83.PE.288.2 Jul 30 1983
CH Beau van de Styx
Cream Persian
FE.L81.P1.059.1 Jun 21 1981
Phigarro Joel
Blue Persian
GCCF NS 117767/FE.L80.P2.GB.24 Jun 17 1979
UK GC Deebank Blackjack
Phigarro Philippa
CH Touffue Marzipan
Tortoiseshell Persian
GCCF NS 37351/NKS 26.299 imp. Oct 17 1976
UK GC Davindos Coppernob
UK CH Sallyshan Mellior
Antina van Hilmanette
Blue-Cream Persian
FE.L82.PE.097.2 Apr 30 1982
IC Xander van Huize Calanthe
Black-White Persian
NKS 27.267 Jun 3 1978
IC Adelaert van de Diedenhof
IC Cinderella van de Burgt-Graaf
Penelope van Mansweide
Blue-Cream Persian
NKS 25.498 Sep 1 1976
CH Shock of Great Yarmouth
Hilary of The Funny Quarters
Maartje Uut 't Ieseldonck
Black-White Harlequin Persian
NCT 770479
Olivier Bommel van de Eiken
Black-White Persian
NKSB 5650
IC Jubald Boersova
Red Tabby Persian
NKS 21-239 Jul 12 1970
Andemar Felix
GIC Rougette van de Rhijnevest
GIC Debora van de Eiken
Tortoiseshell-White Persian

Andemar Tenuita
Tortoiseshell-White Persian
NCT 75250
IC Balthasar van de Drie Turfjes
Red Persian
NKS 20.544
IC Youri de Coquaille
Mark Twain's Roxana Driscoll
Hermina van 't Poezeplaatsje
Tortoiseshell-White Persian
NKS 22.416
Zoltan aux Champs Elysees
Rouget Boersova
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