Pedigree of:

Kall 108, Tamy Tamiky of Dega-Bulu
(F) May 8 2000, 0147-1305392 v0103, Tortoiseshell Persian
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CH Blueskyeyes Nite Wind of Kall
Black Persian
0108-1112357 v0598 Oct 31 1996
GC Cattrax Night Owl
Black Persian
0108-0861761 v0895 / (D) DEKZV 266872 May 30 1993
GC Copacats Marque O'Zorro of Cattrax DM
Black Persian
0108-0481152 v0190 / (D)DEKZV RX 220303 Jun 7 1988
GC, RW Mystichill On The Marque of Marhei DM
GC, NW Copacats V.I.P.
GC, RW Cattrax Destiny
C.E. White Persian
0103-0716027 v0893 / (D) DEKZV 255871 Jun 3 1991
GC, NW Jonala Chaz DM
CH, ACFA GC Cattrax Maybellene DM
Anz Victoria's Secret
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0739077 v1192 Sep 2 1991
GC, RW Equinox Moody Blues
Blue-White Persian
1106-0545215v0791/DEKZV LO 222121/ACF1259-048 May 12 1989
CH Brownstone Red Sox of Equinox
Equinox Hocus Pocus
GC, GP, NW Anz Jeepers Creepers DM
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-0463546 v1090 Feb 25 1988
GC Anz Nicholas Nickleby DM
GC, RW Myshadows Miss Markie of Anz DM
WW'98 De Precisar Hotlips of Kall
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1164381 v0899 Oct 14 1997
McBlack von La' Noitan (LaNoitan McBlack-CFA)
Black Persian
(DE)l.DEKZV 215009/0108-1136958 v0198 May 14 1995
EC Marhei Mr. McKenzie DM (FIFe)
Black Persian
0108-0726082 v0996/DEKZV 171945/ACF 1555-008 May 9 1991
GC, RW Mystichill On The Marque of Marhei DM
GC Marhei Essence
GIC Marhei Petite Noire DM (FIFe)
Black Persian
0109-0484841 v1192 / (D) DEKZV 138423 Jun 3 1988
GC, RW Mystichill On The Marque of Marhei DM
GC Marhei Miss Pronunciation
IC (DK) Cocachin's Vanessa Redgrave
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-1018293 v0496/(DK)FDLO 76419/DEKZV218304 Mar 27 1994
EC Heavy-Current von La'Noitan
Black Persian
FD LO 61473 /1.DEKZV LO 159649 Aug 25 1990
CH, EC Springtree High Time (aka High-Time) DM (FIFe)
GIC Marhei Petite Noire DM (FIFe)
IC, WW'93 Framor's Flaming Hurricane
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0818641/FD LO 69940 Apr 25 1992
GC Lauralas Made N The Shade of Framor
GC Framor's Beaujolais
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