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Katabuv Uno
(M) Dec 2 1991, 1108-0839773 v0793, Black-White Persian
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CH Kikicat's Jeremiah of Katabuv
Black Persian
0108-0587848, v1191 Aug 13 1989
GC Kikicat Latter Rain of Honeydo
Black Smoke Persian
0134-0413078 v0189 Aug 26 1987
CH, PR Wilcha's Shadow Dancer of Kikicat
Black Smoke Persian
0134-0175413 v0784 / DEKZB. Nr.:162367 Sep 23 1982
CH, ACFA TCH Bevron Hot Fudge of Wilcha
CH Wilcha's Isn't She Lovely
CH Marhei Moonlight Becomes You DM
Black Persian
0109-0334384 v1087 Jul 14 1986
GC, NW Bar-B V.I.C. of Marhei DM
Marhei Moonbeam DM
Kikicat Marantha
Silver Tabby Persian
0137-0486946 v0189 Nov 22 1987
CH, GP Kikicat's Anointed One
Silver Tabby Persian
0136-0328008 v0987/ DEKZV 162372 Jun 29 1986
CH, PR Wilcha's Shadow Dancer of Kikicat
CH Debo's Shasta of Kikicat DM
Kikicat's Born Again
Black Smoke Persian
0135-0354981 v0987 Jun 18 1986
CH Kikicat's Hallelujah of Whinstone (of Killen)
CH, PR Meadowood Heavenly Sassy of Kikicat
Katabuv's Kotter Pin
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-0638604 v0891 Sep 27 1989
CH Courtlane's Calvin Klein of Katabuv
Blue Persian
0106-0333689 v1286 Sep 7 1985
Gemle's Rowdy of Courtlane
Cream Persian
0114-0220071 v1085 May 26 1984
CH Rambo's Brandywine
Sylya Crystal Gayle of Saudika
Kamber's Jessica of Courtlane
Blue-White Persian
0191-0160786 v1084
CH Kamber's Jessy Swan
CH Kamber's Carioca Chintz
CH Iran's Lit'l Bit A Magic of Katabuv
Red-White Persian
0191-0341341 v0189 Apr 27 1986
GC Iran's Fire Fly
Red-White Persian
0190-0001787 v1182 Jul 14 1980
GC, ACFA GC Iran's Fire Bug
CH, GIC Spalding Emily of Iran
CH Iran's Kandy Kaper
Red-White Persian
0191-0171663 v0986 Apr 15 1983
GC Iran's Fire Fly
CH Iran's Zany
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