Pedigree of:

Kathy of Lancaster
(F) Sep 19 1954, 83-SB-430 v83, Blue Persian
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Silver Moth Lucky King
C.E. White Persian
79-SB-020 v79 Apr 15 1952
We-Ja-La Cupidon of Silver-Moth
Blue Persian
30-SB-388 v31 Apr 7 1946
Dixi-Land Southland Harmonie
Colorbred Blue Persian
20-SB-285 v22 (Imp.) Sep 22 1938
UK CH Benjamin of Westfield
CH Dixi-Land Wanda of Dunesk (Wanda of Dunesk)
Bikki of Garvinia of We-Je-La
Blue Persian
26-SB-401 v28 May 10 1944
CH Southland High Light
CH Black Maureen
Silver-Moth Trianae
B.E. White Persian
45-SB-397 v45 Mar 31 1949
CH Silver-Moth Dixi-Land Deluxe
B.E. White Persian
25-SB-826 v27 May 27 1942
Glen-Jean's Butte Bee
CH Dixi-Land Innocence
CH Silver-Moth Orchidette
B.E. White Persian
30-SB-731 v31/ACA 21178 v42 Sep 9 1946
CH Silver-Moth Dixi-Land Deluxe
Silver-Moth Dixi-Land Orchis
Sylvandell's Sapphire Bleue
Blue Persian
57-SB-619 v57 May 19 1951
CH Nigrette's Challenger
Colorbred Blue Persian
30-SB-543 v31/ACA 18758 v39 May 21 1946
ACA CH Barbe Bleue Fibber
Colorbred Blue Persian
25-SB-829 v27-28 / ACA 13355 Apr 19 1939
CH Blue Heather Christopher Robin of 7 Elms
Barbe Bleue Gorgeous Hussy (1936)
Nigrette's Angel Bear
Colorbred Blue Persian
26-SB-279 v28 Apr 4 1944
CH, ACA DCH Northledge Rag O'Mine
DCH Barbe Bleue Gorgeous Bear
Kansas City Starsheen
Colorbred Blue Persian
30-SB-584 v31 / ACA 19322 v40 Apr 1 1946
CH Chu-Mischief of White Birch
Colorbred Blue Persian
22-SB-000 v23 Aug 19 1940
CH Lavender Chu Chu
Sweetest Thing of White Birch
Kansas City Playmate
Blue Persian
26-SB-524 v28 Apr 11 1944
CH Kansas City Johnny Jump-Up
Kansas City Columbine
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