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Laughton Jackanapes
(M) Sep 11 1935, GCCF 26681, Blue Persian
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UK CH Hillingdon Jackdaw
Black Persian
GCCF 20522 SB# 2057 v6-7-9 May 25 1932
Darling of Dunesk
Colorbred Blue Persian
GCCF 18219, SB# 1708 v5 Aug 21 1930
UK CH Mischief of Bredon
Meadowsweet of Dunesk
Hillingdon Black Pansy(was Hendon Black Pansy
Black Persian
GCCF 16593, SB# 1207 v4 Aug 11 1928
UK CH Black Justice
Moonflower of The Wharncliffe Hotel
Laughton Bunchy
Blue Persian
GCCF 17983 May 7 1930
Blessing of Culloden
Blue Persian
GCCF 13198 SB#1235 v4-5 May 6 1927
Milord O'Mendip
Wisteria of Culloden
Laughton Lucy
Blue Persian
GCCF 17866 v5 May 3 1927
UK CH Colneside Billy Bumpet
Woodchurch Dawn
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