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CH, IC Lion House D.J. Jovi of Purr Bliss (of JN)
(M) Aug 20 1994, 7792-0985185 v0696, Red Tabby-White Exotic
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CH Lion House As Good As It Gets
Black Exotic
7708-0805165 v1094 Aug 12 1992
CH Belstar Reflection of LionHouse
Blue Persian
0106-0430969 v0888 Jun 8 1987
CH South Paw White Stuff
C.E. White Persian
0102-0332026, v0188 Nov 24 1985
GC, NW South Paw Gizmo DM
Black Persian
0108-0233593 v0186 Oct 10 1984
GC Lullaby About Face of South Paw DM
CH, GP South Paw Ashes N' Embers
Wil-O-Rose Suprema of South Paw
C.E. White (Bluecream) Persian
0103-0156820 v0584 Sep 18 1982
Tropicana Jerico of Northbrook
Wil-O-Rose Rebecca of Tamikat
Belstar Jane
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0237553 v0986 Aug 16 1984
CH, CFF DGC Midas Jet Stream of Lebarbie (of Belstar)
Black Persian
0108-0157001 v0284 Sep 21 1982
GC, TICA GC Lullaby Abracadabra of Midas DM
CH Prim-Pet Cloudburst of Midas
CH Simbelair Peace of South Paw
Cream Persian
0115-0007575 v112 May 28 1979
CH Wil-O-Rose Dino of Simbelair
Simbelair Pamela
Kitty Charm Kitty Willow of Lion House
Tortoiseshell Exotic
7747-0735734 v0892 May 25 1991
GC, GIC Jovan Moosehead DM
Black Persian
0108-0308971 v0787 Sep 3 1985
GC, RW Mystichill Garfield of Jovan
Red Persian
0110-0085307 v1282 Aug 30 1981
GC Mystichill Miracle of Meadowood DM
Lullaby Allure of Mystichill DM
GC Penhill Weekend Special
Blue Persian
0107-0140261 v0784 Oct 12 1982
CH Mystichill The Wiz Kid of Penhill
CFF QCH Mystichill Tomboy of Penhill
CH Kitty Charm Miniskirt of Picwic
Blue-Cream Exotic
7751-0496328 v0690 Aug 14 1988
CH Kitty Charm High Voltage
Red Mackerel Tabby Exotic
7740M-0394986 v1188 Mar 5 1987
GC Kitty Charm Diamonds Are Forever DM
CH Desmin Danielle of O'Con (of Kitty Charm)
CH Desmin Danielle of O'Con (of Kitty Charm)
Tortoiseshell Exotic
7747-0254048 v0686 Feb 1 1985
CH Circle C Blue Max of Chandelle
CH Desmin Dee Dee (of Rambo)
Wincliff Ginger of Lion House
Calico Exotic
7749-0936296 v1294 Jul 20 1993
Wincliff Faison
Black-White Exotic
7770-0779807 v1093 Sep 2 1991
CH, ACA GP Denipurr Kord On Bleu of Wincliff
Blue Persian
0106-0562199 v0792 Aug 29 1989
CH Kitty Charm Champagne On Ice (1984)
Cream-White Persian
0190-0231019 v1185 Sep 11 1984
GC, RW Sierra Diamond Chip (of Reinbeau) DM
Kitty Charm Honey On Ice
Wincliff Kali
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-248411 V0985
GC Simbelair Kandahar of Westmont
CH Wincliff Rosie of Bonwin
Emeripom Crazy Colors of Ozsom
Brown Patched Tabby-White Exotic
7793-0609450 v0792 Aug 10 1989
CH Emeripom Dream Weaver of Mutsu
Cream-White Persian
0190-0452054 v0988 Sep 8 1987
CH Connection Lord Looney Tune of Yak
Mu-A Tune Polly Atche of Gran-Ellen
Emeripom Crazy Quilt
Brown Patched Tabby-White Persian
7793-488611 V0889
CH Waneepaw Ensoleille of Emeripom
CH Emeripom Flash Back of De Deiuliis
Wincliff Arianne
Dilute Calico Exotic
7719-0659173 v0992 May 30 1990
CH Shasley Alvin of Wincliff
Red Mackerel Tabby Exotic
7740M-0435174 v0288 Oct 26 1986
CH Deja Ebony Sinbad of Shasley
Black Persian
7708-267966 V0188
CH Cyndi-Kits I'm A Pepper of Deja
GC, GP, RW Desmin Desiree of Deja
Pimms Katydid of Catharpin
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0014460 v0681
Pimms Blue Moon
CH Pimms Pink Lady
CCA CH Kitty Charm Moneypenny of Lelabelle
Calico Persian
0149-0317427 v1188 May 8 1986
GC Kitty Charm Secret Agent
Black Persian
0108-0241871 v0386 Nov 2 1984
GC, RW Sierra Diamond Chip (of Reinbeau) DM
GP Guardian's Top Secret of Changtse
GC, GP Kitty Charm Reflection On Ice
Dilute Calico Persian
0119-0234640 v0486 Sep 11 1984
GC, RW Sierra Diamond Chip (of Reinbeau) DM
Kitty Charm Honey On Ice
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