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Lion House Ruby Red Dress
(F) May 7 1984, 7741M-0226122 v1085, Red Mackerel Tabby Exotic
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CH Rosebud Red Cloud of Potowotomi
Red Persian
0110-0005496 v0781 Apr 1 1979
CH Rosebud Captain Duke
Cream Persian
0114-0003427 v104 Jun 12 1970
CH,ACFA RM,PR,C Lowlands Centurion
Blue Persian
0106-0004354 v102 Feb 12 1968
GC, DGC Peela Andrew of Lowlands
Colorbred Blue Persian
0106-0002421 v100 / GCCF May 13 1966
UK CH Camber Mario
Halcyon Phaedra
CH Skyway Blue Dignity
Colorbred Blue Persian
0107-0001800 v99 Dec 5 1964
CH Sherdon Squire of Skyway
Keora's Blue Dignity of Skyway
CH Woodland Sweet Pansy
Cream Persian
0115-0002071 v103 Apr 29 1969
GC, NW Woodland Goldfinger
Cream Persian
0114-0001512 v100 May 20 1967
CH Rodabi Stoney Burke of Woodland
CH Woodland Baby Doll
CH Shedaron Mischief of Woodland
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0002205 v101 Nov 15 1967
GC Co-Mc's Sunburst of Tabrook
Woodland Merri Kim of Shedaron
Mar-Buck's Sassy of Rosebud
Tortoiseshell Persian
0147-0009485 v111 Aug 21 1977
Pegsden Panhandler of Cactusway
Red Persian
0110-003544 v109 Jul 5 1977
GC Misty Mornin' Conquest DM
Black Persian
0108-0003221 v103 May 23 1970
CH, GP Catalot's Quest of Shadowlane
GC, NW Serbs Black Gold of Misty Mornin' COY
Pegsden Peg O'My Heart
Red Mackerel Tabby Persian
0141M-001543 v107 Oct 18 1972
GC Pegsden Penrod (of Peyton Place)
Pegsden Annabel (of Justincase)
Miss Tamar
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0005513 v105 Jul 9 1971
CH Purr-Mor Loki of Charbob
Cream Persian
0114-0001953 v102/ACFA P15-S69-3744 May 9 1968
CH Smithway Azure-Te
CH Terra-Lee's Moon Mist of Purr-Mor
Backus' Dawn II
Black Smoke Persian
0135-0001759 v103/ACA 122-033 Apr 4 1966
Zoda Polar King(Polar King of Zoda-ACFA)
Dawn I (of Backus)
CH Lion House Lemonade
Cream Exotic
7715-0075149 v1082 May 13 1981
GC Lowlands Tom Cat of Lion House
Cream Exotic
7714-0000054 v112 Oct 3 1977
Lowlands Phillipe
Cream Persian
0114-0009014 v110 Nov 3 1975
GC Lowlands Momento
Blue Persian
0106-0007126 v106 Feb 3 1970
GC Dunhowa Blue Star of Lowlands
GC Lowlands Latecia of Kittrick
Lowlands Carella
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0009824 V108 Jul 7 1973
GC, NW Lowlands Lagrimas
Wineta Cin'Mon of Surfside
Lowlands Senorita
Cream Exotic
7715-0000024 v110 Oct 3 1973
Lowlands Corme
Cream Persian
0114-0005296 v107
GC, NW Lowlands Geordie
CH Lowlands Jeanelle
CH Lowlands Maybelle
Blue-Cream (SH) American SH
0751-0000076 v106 Mar 10 1970
Midnight of Lowlands
Queenie Mae of Lowlands
Lion House Ruthie
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0014422 v0681 Jun 3 1979
CH St. Ives Luck O'The Irish
Blue Persian
0106-0010361 v109 Jun 14 1975
GC Woodland Dodger of Spindrift(Wood's Dodger of
Blue Persian
0106-0005212 v104 / DEKZV 038917 Jun 15 1970
GC, NW Woodland Goldfinger
CH Woodland Forget-Me-Knot
CH St. Ives Magdalene of Yo-Mans
Colorbred Blue Persian
0107-0008956 v107 Jun 13 1974
CH Ro-El Jimmie Joe of Kalamar(Ro-El Smokey Joe)
St. Ives Guinevere
Minuet Cookie of Lion House
Blue-Cream Persian
0151-0006786 v107 Jun 17 1973
Minuet C' Est Bleu
Colorbred Blue Persian
0106-0005201 v104 Aug 28 1970
CH Zoda Mon Ami Dominique of Minuet
Zoda Suzette of Minuet
Minuet Candida
Cream Persian
0115-0002513 v104 Aug 17 1970
Minuet Mr. B
Minuet Lark's Delight
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