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Lutty Mae de Kermansjah
(F) , BKV 05001254, Red Cameo Tabby Exotic
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GIC Geronimo de Kermansjah
Cream Smoke Persian
(BE)DVDK LOB 11.089
EC Black Bingo de Pampelonne
Black Smoke Persian

Aranea's Entertainer La Plus Belle
Cream Silver Tabby Persian
RvT: 34.711
GIC Lame La Plus Belle (Lamé)
IC Aranea La Katous
IC Wilcha's Good Times
Black Persian
CH, ACFA TCH Bevron Hot Fudge of Wilcha
Wilcha's Jelly Bean
GIC Asha of the Yab-Yum
Red Smoke-White Persian

Qui-Vive Le Katous
Shaded Cameo Persian
RvT 14.667
GIC, PR La Fume Bowie of Katous
CH Vignette's Petite Amie of La Fume
Bee'Biche's Surprise de Pampelonne
Dilute Calico Persian

Anais van Samara
Tortoiseshell Persian
(BE)DVDK 11.736
EC Baby's Respectable Prince La Plus Belle
Red Smoke Persian
Rvt 45.870
GIC Black Beauty's Giovanni del la Soeka
Black Persian
DVDK 10 125 (LOB 10.125)
GIC Black Chivas de Pampelonne
Black Beauty d'Amberres
GIC Brigitte's Baby Blue La Plus Belle
Blue-Cream Smoke Persian
Rvt 33.593
GIC Lame La Plus Belle (Lamé)
Brigitte La Plus Belle
Uschara van Sultana
Black Persian

Moonglow van Karinel
Red Tabby Persian
RvT 22.007
Susa Kaj
Angel van Karinel
IC Glendale van Hoog Moersbergen
Tortie Smoke Persian

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