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GC, RW Nanc-C's Jack's Legaci
(M) Sep 15 1997, 1196-1163112 (orig. 1132- ) v0399, Black Smoke-White Van Persian
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CH Nanc-C's Captain Jack
Blue-White Persian
1106-1062933 v1297 May 30 1996
CH Byhishands Fine L Lee Mine
Black-White Van Persian
1180-0806941 v0795 Aug 3 1992
CH Anz Brick of Byhishands
Red Tabby-White Persian
1192-0640824 v0992 Jun 12 1990
GC Anz Nicholas Nickleby DM
GC, RW Myshadows Miss Markie of Anz DM
Austriana P Molly Madras of Anz
Calico Persian
0149-0711388 v1192 Apr 2 1991
GC Anz Nicholas Nickleby DM
GC, GP Beaudee's Shasta of Himmykids(Austriana)
CH Kitty Charm Black Magic of Nanc-C
Black-White Persian
1109-0876622 v0495 Aug 23 1993
GC Kitty Charm Ace O Spades
Black Persian
0108-0647533 v1192 Jul 8 1990
GC, GIC Jovan Moosehead DM
GC, NW Kitty Charm Queen O Diamonds
GC Kitty Charm Jitterbug On Ice
Brown Mackerel Tabby-White Persian
1193-0736799 0992 Sep 9 1991
Dearborn Ruppert
CH Kitty Charm Rhythm On Ice
GC Nanc-C's Merci Me
Silver Tabby-White Persian
1133-1068086 v1297 May 25 1996
CH Sicilia Nicholas Colbi of Nanc-C
Silver Tabby Persian
0136-0936436 v0695 Apr 3 1994
CH Marhei Rosso Calore of Sicilia
Red Tabby Persian
0140-0847721 v0893 May 9 1992
GC, RW W-Ali-Baba Home Run of Marhei (of Dachsbau)
Marhei Julianna
CH Ms Dawnmar Little Angel of Sicilia
Silver Tabby Persian
0137-0652192 v0292 Jul 12 1990
CH Kikicat's Many Blessings of Dawnmar
Visuelles Miss Ashley
CH Equinox Smokin' Glori-Daz of Nanc-C
Black Smoke-White Persian
1135-1026099 v0796 May 20 1995
CH Deckota Rain Maker of Equinox
Silver Mackerel Tabby Persian
0136M-0911032 v1095/(D)DEKZV 269705 Sep 17 1993
GC Sarouk's Sun Dance of Dekota
CH Beaudee Midnyt Moccasins of Deckota
Equinox All Apologies
Blue-White Van Persian
1307-0936565 v1095 May 16 1994
GC, NW Equinox Enigma av Elains DM
Anz Nicoalette of Equinox (of Elain)
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