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Popup Popsicle
(M) Oct 11 2008, GCCF CSREF 728873, Red-White Exotic LH
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UK CH, TICA QGC Risetta Wickedwizard
Red Tabby Point Persian
GCCF CS 682033 Mar 28 2007
UK CH Trouillord Spoilt FChoice
Red Tabby Point Persian
GCCF CS 566010 Jul 24 2003
UK GC Keystone Hudson ( Imp)
Red Tabby Point Persian
GCCF CS 544329 May 15 2002
(N) Purrbox Zach
IC, DK* Keystone Don't Tell Me No More of Alomi
Johnnycake Kissntell
Red Point Persian
GCCF CS 530770 Jun 23 2002
UK GC Trouillord Typee Taketoo
Trouillord Twiceasnice
Risetta Giftwrapped
Tortie Point Persian
GCCF CS 503384 Jul 23 2001
Hadfields Obsession
Cream Point Persian
GCCF CS 467304 May 5 2000
GC Maylor Red Robin of No Contest (of Hadfield)
UK CH Hadfields Tommys Girl
Trouillord TimeForATortie
Tortoiseshell CPC Persian
GCCF CS 483062 Aug 19 2000
UK GC Johnnycake Motorway Mike
Trouillord Chelsea Girl
Katykaye Clara
Tortie Tabby-White Exotic
GCCF CSSR 662269 Sep 19 2006
Citoxe Justin
Black-White Exotic
GCCF CSSR 592683 Jun 10 2004
UK GC Dolina Brillo Bunter
Black Persian
GCCF CSSR 550036 Apr 27 2003
Brananshan's Eristoff
Finchfield Zunbeams
Bracie Morwenna
Black-White Van Exotic
GCCF CSSR 540215 Sep 28 2002
Sharamka ComingUpTrumps
Appassionata Shes Exoticus
Zendique QuickQuick Slow
Cream Tabby-White Exotic
GCCF CSSR 610005 Dec 17 2004
CH Dega-Bulu's Al Pachino
Cream Mackerel Tabby-White Exotic
7954-1446138 v0504/GCCF CS 593721 Mar 30 2003
GC Desmin Dinkey of Kall (of Dega-Bulu)
Brananshan Dolores of Dega-Bulu
Zendique Lisis
Blue Tortie-White Exotic
GCCF CS 436939 May 8 1999
GC, DW Cuba Libre's Heart's Desire
Tzarkesh Allegra
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