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IDP* Rochea Teddy Bear
(M) Jul 8 1999, (SE)SVERAK LO 176455/ (SE)BKK 4792-99, Red-White Persian
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Bocasana's Salt N'Pepa
Black-White Van Persian
(S)BKK 4764-99 /(SE)SVERAK LO 146932 Aug 9 1997
GIC, S* Syrenen's Tiger Moth
Red-White Persian
(S)SVERAK LO 112109 Feb 16 1993
S* Syrenen's Pasquinel
Black-White Van Persian
(SE)SVERAK LO 101854 Jun 13 1991
Kashmur's Chessboard
Kashmur's Kokomoo
S* Törestorp's Another Doll
Red-White Persian
(S)SVERAK LO 106370 Feb 11 1992
Song Hio's Another Try
CH, S* Törestorp's Who's That Girl
Bocasana's Covergirl of Kuorii
Black-White Persian
1109-1187510 v1198/SVERAK LO 133107 Jul 12 1995
GC, GIC Vickits Diamante of Bocasana
Blue-White Van Persian
1180-0800058v0694/SVERAK LO131888/DEKZV229818 Jun 19 1992
GC, RW Vickits Mirage
CH Jonala Blue Angel of Vickits DM
ACFA QDCH Vickits Testarossa of Bocasana
Calico Persian
0149-0864273 / (S) SVERAK LO 127559 Jun 15 1993
GC Bal-Ros Mark IV of Barbeedoll (of Vickits)
CH Vickits Crown Victoria
IDP* Rochea's Lady Angelique
Red Persian
(SE)BKK 4660-99/(S)SMK LO 4947-97
CH, S* Shiraz Born To Stay
Red Persian
(S)SMK 4402-95 / (S)SVERAK 131147 May 26 1995
S* Athelstones Enforcer
Black Persian
(S) SVERAK LO 121074 Dec 7 1993
IC, S* Athelstones Black Rain
S* Athelstones Extazy DM (FIFe)
S* Shiraz Rock-A-Bye Baby
Dilute Calico Persian
SVERAK 124276 May 6 1994
GC PaJean's Bayou Bandit of Bocasana (of Kuorii)
Bocasana's Zahara Sunset
IDP* Clearviews Secret of My Mind
Calico Persian
(S)SMK 4414-95 Sep 21 1995
Tehy Red Rider
Red Persian
0110-0838249 /(S)SMK 4132-94 Nov 29 1992
GC Tehy City Slicker
GC Tehy Hot 'N Spicey
S* Shiraz Quarter Pounder
Black-White Persian
SMK 4326-95
Bocasana's Undercover Agent
Bocasana's Forbidden Fruit
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