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CH Stonybrook Thaddeus
(M) Oct 10 1954, 81-SB-007 v81, Black Persian
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Transmere Moonlight
Cream Persian
31-SB-672 v32 Apr 1 1946
Rollingwood Butcher Boy
Blue Persian
25-SB-961 v27 Apr 7 1943
CH Corso's Commander of Rose Crest
CH Lavender Miss Muffit
Rollingwood Judy Girl
Cream Persian
26-SB-309 v28 Jun 25 1943
CH Rosedere Buff of The Seven Elms
Cameo Little Lucy
Sayrephrey's Sally Cinders
Tortoiseshell Persian
44-SB-672 v44 Apr 25 1949
Coralmere Black Patriot
Black Persian
30-SB-804 v31 Jun 14 1945
DCH Gray Haven's Black Sultan
Hosanna of Spoon River
CH Spoon River Holly of Sayrephrey
Red Persian
37-SB-497 v37 Sep 16 1947
CH Spoon River Cock of The Rock
CH Spoon River Painted Rock II
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