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Yellicle Mister Hong Kong
(M) Jul 9 2001, 7708-1372250 v1003, Black Exotic
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GC, BW, NW Bryn Mawr Bugsy Malone DM
Black Exotic
7708-0944820 v1195 Jul 27 1994
GC, NW South Paw Gadzooks DM
Black Persian
0108-0642566 v0991 May 26 1990
GC, GP, NW South Paw Sun Beau of Karleton (of Trailwood) DM
Black Persian
0108-0319872 v1288 Mar 10 1986
GC, BW, NW South Paw Sunburst DM, COY
GC Mystichill Too Hot To Handle DM
GC South Paw Heavens To Betsy DM
Black Persian
0109-0403472 v0889 Jun 1 1987
GC Lullaby About Face of South Paw DM
GC South Paw Golly Gee DM
GC, RW Bryn Mawr Murphy Brown of Benzac DM
Brown Tabby Exotic
7745-0809586 v1193 Aug 17 1992
GC, GP, NW Zoticats Trademark of Lynzkatz
Brown Mackerel Tabby Exotic
7744M-0708382 v0892 Jun 7 1991
GC, GP, RW Jovan Just Rusty of Bella Felini (Zoticats)
Jovan Katrina of Zoticats
GC, GP, NW Jovan Miss USA of Bryn Mawr DM
Brown Mackerel Tabby Exotic
7745M-0716168 v0892 May 31 1991
CH Kikicat Moses Message of Sanova (Jovan)
GC, NW Jovan Miss America of Madamemerald
Yellicle Baby Belle of Bryn Mawr(Howlz&Meow DM
Brown Tabby Exotic
7745-1211618 v0400 Apr 30 1998
CH Yellicle More Than A Feeling
Brown Tabby-White Exotic
7792-1075558 v0597/GB CA LO 0008023 May 19 1996
CH Gentlehart Borrowed Luk of Zoticats
Brown Tabby-White Persian
1142-0868363 v0495 Jun 17 1993
Jonala Midnight Rendezvous of Jovan
CH Jovan Shadow Doll of Spellbound (Silowette)
CH, PR Jovan Pretty Woman of Anubis Apris (Yellicle)
Brown Tabby Exotic
7745-0866611 v0996 May 27 1993
GC, NW Jovan Buster Brown DM
CH Jovan Jubilee of Zoticats
Zoticats Flossy Belle of Yellicle
Blue Tabby Exotic
7753-1040542 v1098 Dec 25 1995
GC Zoticats Li'l Admiral of Threebell
Brown Mackerel Tabby Exotic
7744M-0864423 v0296 Jun 6 1993
GC, GP, NW Bryn Mawr Charlie Brown of Zoticats
Zoticats Who's Zoomin Who
GC Bryn Mawr Belle of Zoticats
Blue Tabby Exotic
7753-0834029 v0495 Aug 17 1992
GC, GP, NW Zoticats Trademark of Lynzkatz
GC, GP, NW Jovan Miss USA of Bryn Mawr DM
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