Vertical pedigree of:

CH Gempaw Star Ruby of Floricats
(F) Jun 16 2002, 1141-1409651 v0803, Red Tabby-White Persian
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GC Polcann Ring-Of-Fire of Heiress (Gempaw)
May 8 1999
1140-1267119 v0800 Red Tabby-White Persian

Full siblings:
GC Polcann Big Mack
May 2 1998
0144M-1195446 v1099 Brown Mackerel Tabby Persian

Full siblings:
-  Polcann Big-Max of Star Persia, 1998-05-02, Blue Persian
-  Polcann Blue-Max, 1998-05-02, Blue Persian
GC, RW Polcann Fast Talking-Man (of Thia)
May 9 1996 0140M-1080181 v1097 Red Mackerel Tabby Persian
Full siblings:
GC Polcann Rock-A-Bye Baby DM
Jul 7 1992 1145-0789790v1293/DEKZV LO 351674/ACF1259-024 Brown Patched Tabby Persian
Full siblings:
-  Polcann Angelrocky of Playwicket, 1993-02-09, Brown Tabby Persian
-  Polcann Bahama Mama of Ladna Kot, 1993-02-09, Brown Patched Tabby Persian
-  Polcann Bit O'Spice of Nanc-C(Playwickey), 1993-02-09, Brown Tabby Persian
-  Polcann Dallas of Shali, 1993-02-09, Brown Mackerel Tabby Persian
GC Polcann Nadeen of Chattapaws(Ocalicos)
Feb 26 1998
0149-1187356 v1099/M05435 St Nr D1535 Calico Persian

Full siblings:
-  Polcann Mabeleen of Styria, 1998-02-26, Black-White Van Persian
GC, SGC RW Memry Rhett Butler of Polcann
Jun 5 1996 1108-1080892 v0598 / TICA SBT 060596 004 Black-White Persian
Full siblings:
-  Memry Precious Prissy of Belgatto, 1996-06-05, Dilute Calico Persian
GC Polcann Cupi-Doll of Ocalicos
Mar 13 1995 0149-0989177 v0896 Calico Persian
Full siblings:
-  Polcann Sweet-Dreams, 1995-03-13, Tortoiseshell Persian
CH Gempaw Enchanted Eve
Jul 26 1999
0119-1267311 v0501 Dilute Calico Persian

Full siblings:
-  Gempaw Up N Adam of Murphy House (of Sandy-B), 1999-07-26, Brown Tabby-White Persian
-  Gempaw Ms Gabriella of Mystiqshadow, 2000-06-02, Dilute Calico Persian
CH Marhei Wizard-Of-Awes of Cadykats (Pinkatz)
Jun 16 1997
1110-1159784 v0199 Red-White Persian

Full siblings:
GC Red Sky Lucky Star of Marhei
Mar 22 1995 1106-0989986 v0297 Blue-White Persian
Full siblings:
Marhei Rosemary
Aug 16 1992 0111-0900384 v1195 Red-White Persian
Full siblings:
-  Marhei Galveston, 1992-08-16, Red Tabby Persian
GC Purrquett Gay Feather of Gempaw
Jun 17 1998
1307-1217510 v1099 Blue-White Van Persian

Full siblings:
-  Purrquett Golden Crest of Coats, 1998-06-17, Cream-White Van Persian
-  Purrquett Golden Torch, 1999-03-24, Cream-White Van Persian
-  Purrquett Golden Wizzard, 1999-08-30, Cream-White Persian
-  Purrquett Golden Artist, 2000-08-29, Cream-White Persian
CH, PR Purrquett Johnny Jump-Up
Jul 19 1993 1106-0885859 v0595 Blue-White Persian
Full siblings:
-  Purrquett Basket O' Gold, 1995-05-01, Cream-White Persian
-  Purrquett Blue Plumbago of Jotom, 1995-05-01, Blue-White Persian
-  Purrquett Cloth O' Gold of Linco, 1995-05-01, Cream Persian
-  Purrquett Spotted Laurel, 1995-05-01, Blue-White Persian
CH Catillak's Rapsody of Purrquett
Jul 6 1996 1185-1111001 v1198 Dilute Calico Van Persian
Full siblings:
-  Catillak's In Harmony of Gogocats, 1996-07-06, Dilute Calico Persian
-  Catillak's No Doubt of Jatido, 1997-04-06, Dilute Calico Persian
-  Catillak's Without a Doubt, 1997-04-06, Dilute Calico Persian
-  Catillak's Zane Gray of Stejohn (of DeBill), 1997-04-16, Blue-White Persian
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