Vertical pedigree of:

GIC Jerba Nicol's T'Yoda Tender
(M) , Cream-White Van Persian
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GC, DW, GIC Brettonpark Big Hug of Jerba Nicol
Sep 25 2000
7806-1400356 v0103 / KVL 01-012-0964-0 Blue-White Harlequin Exotic

Full siblings:
-  Brettonpark Donovan, Black-White Exotic LH
-  Brettonpark Marky Mark, Black-White Van Exotic
-  Brettonpark Mickey Rourke, Blue Mackerel Tabby-White Exotic
-  Brettonpark Zidane, Brown Tabby-White Harlequin Exotic LH
-  Brettonpark Zitane, Brown Tabby-White Harlequin Persian
-  Brettonpark van Damme, 1999-05-13, Brown Spotted Tabby-White Harlequin Exotic LH
-  Brettonpark Vivienne Westwood, 2000-10-28, Blue Tabby-White Persian
IC Bocasana's Ziggy Stardust
Feb 27 1998
1156M-1240979v0999/SV LO150863/DEKZV264623 Blue Mackerel Tabby-White Harlequin Persian

Full siblings:
-  Bocasana's Gordon Bleu, 1996-04-12, Blue-White Van Persian
-  Bocasana's George Michael of Tehy, 1996-04-12, Blue Tabby-White Persian
-  Bocasana's Georgina of Passicat, 1996-04-12, Blue-White Persian
-  Bocasana's Fancy Pants, 1996-08-30, Blue Tabby-White Van Persian
-  Bocasana's Nickel 'n Dime, 1997-04-03, Blue Tabby-White Van Persian
-  Bocasana's No Milk Today, 1997-04-03, Blue-White Van Persian
-  Bocasana's No Woman No Cry of Kourii, 1997-04-03, Black-White Persian
-  Bocasana's Needles'N Pins, 1997-04-03, Black-White Harlequin Persian
-  Bocasana's Read My Lips, 1997-08-05, Blue Tabby-White Van Persian
-  Bocasana's Right Said Fred, 1997-08-05, Blue Tabby-White Van Persian
-  Bocasana's Zay No More of Cuba Libre, 1998-02-27, Blue-White Harlequin Persian
-  Bocasana's Zsa Zsa Gabor, 1998-02-27, Brown Tabby-White Van Persian
-  Bocasana's Eddie The Eagle, 1999-03-19, Blue Tabby-White Van Persian
-  Bocasana's Ends Meet of Du Marais, 1999-03-19, Blue-White Van Persian
-  Bocasana's Edelweiss, 1999-03-19, Blue-White Persian
-  Bocasana's Isadora Duncan, 1999-07-03, Blue Tabby-White Van Persian
-  Bocasana's In The Mood, 1999-07-03, Blue Tabby-White Harlequin Persian
-  Bocasana's I'm Herself, 1999-07-03, Brown Tabby-White Harlequin Persian
-  Bocasana's Indian Princess, 1999-07-03, Brown Tabby-White Van Persian
GC, GIC Vickits Diamante of Bocasana
Jun 19 1992
1180-0800058v0694/SVERAK LO131888/DEKZV229818 Blue-White Van Persian

Full siblings:
-  Vickits Crown Victoria, 1992-06-19, Dilute Calico Persian
-  Vickits Lexus, 1992-06-19, Dilute Calico Persian
-  Vickits Maxima of Jamboree, 1992-06-19, Blue-White Persian
-  Vickits Ventura, 1992-06-19, Blue-White Van Persian
-  Vickits Legend of Love-N-Time, 1993-03-11, Blue-Cream Persian
-  Vickits Protege' of Gentlehart (of Crishon), 1993-03-11, Blue-White Persian
-  Vickits Quest of Johnorah, 1993-03-11, Blue-White Persian
-  Vickits Skyhawk of So Pretty, 1994-06-07, Blue-White Persian
GC, RW Vickits Mirage
Jan 13 1991 1114-0703207 v1092 Cream-White Persian
Full siblings:
-  Vickits Tempo of Luna, Cream-White Persian
-  Vickits Miata of Carisius, 1991-01-13, Dilute Calico Persian
-  Vickits Uwe Wale of Dunlora, 1991-01-13, Cream-White Persian
-  Vickits Paseo of Susamar, 1991-09-18, Cream-White Persian
CH Jonala Blue Angel of Vickits DM
Jun 10 1991 1107-0708284 v1092 Blue-White Persian
Full siblings:
-  Jonala Midnight Sun of Enigma, 1992-06-06, Black Persian
-  Jonala Jesse James of Staryeyes, 1993-05-19, C.E. White Persian
Bocasana's Vanity of Xennedu
Mar 16 1995
1125-1064210 v0896/(S)SVERAK LO 130567/DEKZV Brown Tabby-White Van Persian

Full siblings:
-  Bocasana's Bobby Brown, Brown Tabby Persian
-  Bocasana's Wild Bandit, 1995-03-16, Black-White Persian
-  Bocasana's Victoria, 1995-03-16, Blue-White Harlequin Persian
-  Bocasana's Vanessa, 1995-03-16, Blue Tabby-White Van Persian
-  Bocasana's Break My Heart, 1995-07-07, Blue-White Persian
-  Bocasana's Bonnie Belinda, 1995-07-07, Blue Tabby-White Persian
-  Bocasana's Bobbi Brown, 1995-07-07, Brown Mackerel Tabby Persian
-  Bocasana's Blue Ribbon, 1995-07-07, Blue-White Persian
-  Bocasana's Beyond The Limit, 1995-07-07, Blue-White Exotic
-  Bocasana's Belle O'The Ball, 1995-07-07, Blue Tabby-White Persian
-  Bocasana's Behind Bars, 1995-07-07, Blue Tabby-White Persian
-  Bocasana's Bayou Bandit Jr, 1995-07-07, Brown Mackerel Tabby-White Persian
-  Bocasana's Barbro, 1995-07-07, Blue-White Persian
GC PaJean's Bayou Bandit of Bocasana (of Kuorii)
May 10 1990 1108-0623193v1091/SVERAK 109555/DEKZV 264620 Black-White Persian
Full siblings:
-  PaJean's Blue Bayou of Babekatz (Virbeclon), 1990-05-10, Blue Persian
-  PaJean's Hocus Pocus of Roustabout, 1990-05-10, Black-White Persian
-  PaJean's Ash Wednesday, 1992-09-29, Blue-White Persian
-  PaJean's Fat Tuesday of Rebels, 1992-09-29, Black-White Persian
-  PaJean's Fats Dominoe of Symphonic, 1992-09-29, Black-White Persian
-  PaJean's Bon Appetit of Angi-La, 1993-05-25, Black-White Van Persian
-  PaJean's Montgomery of Heartprint, 1993-05-25, Black-White Persian
Dearborn On My Mind of Bocasana DM (FIFe)
May 21 1993 1157-0898708 v0796/(S) SVERAK LO 125728 Blue Tabby-White Persian
Full siblings:
-  Equinox Cordon Bleu of Chantange, 1992-10-21, Blue Tabby-White Persian
-  Equinox The Dance of Meloncali, 1992-10-21, Blue Tabby-White Persian
-  Dearborn Johnny A. of Purrzotics, 1993-05-21, Brown Tabby-White Persian
-  Dearborn Tanya, 1993-05-21, Blue Tabby-White Persian
Brettonpark Joy
Jul 20 1996
7793-1240976v999/KVL98-251-0646-0/DEKZV264626 Brown Tabby-White Exotic

Full siblings:
-  Brettonpark Drum Major, Cream Tabby-White Harlequin Persian
Katabuv's This Buds For You
Aug 29 1994
1306-0956584 v0198/(D)DEKZV 236389 Blue-White Van Persian

Full siblings:
Katabuv Uno
Dec 2 1991 1108-0839773 v0793 Black-White Persian
Full siblings:
Devotion Vision-Of-Love of Katabuv
Jun 4 1993 1107-0864751 v1294 Blue-White Persian
Full siblings:
-  Devotion Somewhere In Time, 1993-06-04, Blue-Cream Persian
-  Devotion A Moment In Time, 1993-12-06, Blue-Cream Persian
-  Devotion Maximillian, 1994-10-14, Cream Persian
Brettonpark Modern Times

KVL 96-118-1041-1/(D)DEKZV 264625 Brown Patched Tabby-White Exotic

Full siblings:
GC Dancecats All That Jazz
Apr 17 1989 7744-0548853 v0291/(D)DEKZV 183326 Brown Tabby Exotic
Full siblings:
-  Dancecats Classic Rock, 1991-03-19, Red Tabby Exotic
-  Dancecats Rock Steady, 1991-03-19, Brown Tabby Exotic
New Precious Reet Petit
DRU 036785 Dilute Calico Persian
Full siblings:
Phailin's Day Dream of Jerba Nicol
Sep 8 1999
RvT. 105.595 B.E. Calico Van Persian

Full siblings:
Phailin's Monaar

RvT. 102.093 Black-White Van Persian

Full siblings:
-  Phailin's Mecey, Dilute Calico Persian
Wandou's Yassir

NPV 9605-157 Red-White Harlequin Persian

Full siblings:
EC Pashaspride The Future Is Mine
1110-0653143 Red-White Persian
Full siblings:
-  Pashaspride Blaz-In The Future, 1989-07-02, Red-White Persian
Carisius Girl First Impression
RvT. 85.145 Dilute Calico Persian
Full siblings:
Hilde van Limartes

MU.L97.PER.036.2 Calico Persian

Full siblings:
-  Balou van Limartes, 1998-05-18, Dilute Calico Persian
Benineke's Persians Rapsody In Blue
NLKV 92.13.241 Blue Persian
Full siblings:
-  Benineke's Persians Prince of Wales, Blue-White Persian
IC Miss Macy van Limartes
MU.L94.PER.029.1 Calico Persian
Full siblings:
-  Anshel van Sweety Limarteshome, Red-White Persian
Iris Mona Phailin

RvT. 94-622 Cream-White Persian

Full siblings:
Nick van Jocohama

MU.L95.PER.115.1 Cream-White Persian

Full siblings:
Benineke's Persians Nickelodian
Jul 27 1992 NLKV 92-13.592 / MU.L93.PER.NL.36 Blue-White Persian
Full siblings:
Fairytail van Adelhove
FE.L90.PE.143.1 Cream-White Persian
Full siblings:
Vienne's Xarla Van De Liebaard

RvT 82.524 Dilute Calico Persian

Full siblings:
IC Chico De Palatine
RvT 77.220 Black Persian
Full siblings:
-  Pim de Palatine, Black-White Persian
-  Evita de Palatine, 1993-06-21, Tortoiseshell Persian
Vienne-Vietta van de Liebaard
RvT 69.607 Dilute Calico Persian
Full siblings:
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