Vertical pedigree of:

Phailin's Mecey
(F) , Dilute Calico Persian
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Wandou's Yassir

NPV 9605-157 Red-White Harlequin Persian

Full siblings:
EC Pashaspride The Future Is Mine

1110-0653143 Red-White Persian

Full siblings:
-  Pashaspride Blaz-In The Future, 1989-07-02, Red-White Persian
CH Wencliff Khe-Mo-Shun of Pashaspride
Jun 8 1987
1192-0408889 v0689 Red Tabby-White Persian

Full siblings:
-  Wencliff Solar Energy of Wildiris, 1988-04-13, Red Tabby-White Persian
GC Kitty Charm Robin Hood of Wencliff
Apr 1 1984 1192-0227914 v0287 Red Tabby-White Persian
Full siblings:
-  Kitty Charm Huggy Bear of Ginnigems, 1983-10-02, Cream Persian
-  Kitty Charm Ice Cadet of Foxyladys, 1983-10-02, C.E. White Persian
-  Kitty Charm Megabucks of Sheranne, 1983-10-02, Red Tabby Persian
-  Kitty Charm Dancin' On Ice, 1984-10-01, Calico Persian
-  Kitty Charm Blake of Spellbound, 1985-03-14, C.E. White Persian
-  Kitty Charm Icecream of Ziza, 1985-05-14, Cream-White Persian
-  Kitty Charm White Satin, 1985-05-14, C.E. White Persian
-  Kitty Charm Diamond Exchange, 1987-11-30, C.E. White Persian
-  Kitty Charm Vanilla Chip of Belstar, 1987-11-30, C.E. White Persian
Wencliff Shalimar
Jun 12 1984 0191-0214696 v1085 Cream-White Persian
Full siblings:
Pashaspride Flaming Dawn
May 5 1988
0111-0486037 v1089 Red Persian

Full siblings:
-  Pashaspride Jabber Walkie, 1987-11-09, C.E. White Persian
-  Pashaspride Eye Like A Swan, 1988-05-05, O.E. White Persian
-  Pashaspride Eye Like An Eagle, 1988-05-05, C.E. White Persian
Can-Do Trivial Pursuit of Crumpet(Pashaspride
Aug 14 1983 0102-0241812 v0785/ P11G-S86-0643-1 C.E. White Persian
Full siblings:
Petticat Lacet Le Beau of Lecrean
Nov 2 1984 0119-0403069 v0188 Dilute Calico Persian
Full siblings:
Carisius Girl First Impression

RvT. 85.145 Dilute Calico Persian

Full siblings:
GC Purrsay's Atom-12 of Kall
Apr 2 1989
1108-0570904 v0993 Black-White Persian

Full siblings:
-  Purrsay's Eyes Adorable Too, 1989-04-02, Blue-Cream Persian
-  Purrsay's Kalico Lace of Kall, 1989-04-02, Calico Persian
GC Pimms Johnnie Walker of Purrsay
Aug 4 1987 0108-0414631 v0892 Black Persian
Full siblings:
-  Pimms Frangelica of Pironti, 1987-08-04, Blue Persian
-  Pimms Sazarac, 1987-08-04, Cream Persian
-  Pironti "Fish" of Toit Rouge, 1988-08-30, Blue Persian
-  Pironti Blue Jeans of Shars Run(Macksa,Le-Hi), 1988-08-30, Blue Persian
-  Pironti Facia Bella, 1988-08-30, Tortoiseshell Persian
-  Pironti Jujubee of Uninhibited, 1988-08-30, Tortoiseshell Persian
-  Pironti Mitzi of West Wind, 1988-08-30, Blue Persian
Purrsay's Isadorable
Jul 13 1986 0119-0342670 v1188 Dilute Calico Persian
Full siblings:
Kitclass Mixed Emotions of Carisius
Mar 25 1992
1115-0773645 v0497 Cream-White Persian

Full siblings:
CH Semeion Boomer of Kitclass
Mar 10 1991 1192-0715848 Cream Tabby-White Persian
Full siblings:
-  Semeion's Kewpie Doll of Primadowdy, 1991-03-10, Brown Patched Tabby-White Persian
-  Semeion's Revival, 1991-03-10, Red Tabby-White Persian
CH Ephesians Wisdom of Kitclass
Jul 15 1987 0147-0427706 v1288 Tortoiseshell Persian
Full siblings:
-  Kitclass I Think Eye Can of Semeion, Calico Persian
-  Ms Summer Girl of Halloween, 1987-07-15, Dilute Calico Persian
-  Semeion's First Edition, 1988-04-02, Blue-White Persian
-  Semeion Betty Boop of Sheranne, 1989-04-16, Black-White Persian
-  Kitclass Easy Lovin, 1991-10-01, Blue-White Persian
Hilde van Limartes

MU.L97.PER.036.2 Calico Persian

Full siblings:
-  Balou van Limartes, 1998-05-18, Dilute Calico Persian
Benineke's Persians Rapsody In Blue

NLKV 92.13.241 Blue Persian

Full siblings:
-  Benineke's Persians Prince of Wales, Blue-White Persian
GC Anz Nicholas Nickleby DM
Dec 25 1986
0190-0373402v1187/NRR 114319/Sverak131696 Blue-White Persian

Full siblings:
-  Anz Sada Thompson, 1986-08-05, Red Tabby Persian
-  Anz Blue Thunder, Thor of Kitlin, 1987-01-30, Blue Persian
-  Anz Carioca, 1987-01-30, Tortoiseshell Persian
-  Anz Constant Comment of Myshadows, 1987-01-30, Cream Persian
-  Anz Kasey of Lauralas, 1987-01-30, Cream Persian
GC Currle Cats Carry On of Tatooeen
Mar 20 1982 0110-0115036 v1083 / DEKZV 148801 Red Persian
Full siblings:
GC Brownstone Miss Priss of Anz
Mar 6 1984 0191-0209488 v0785 / DEKZV 187648 Blue-White Persian
Full siblings:
-  Brownstone Bauble, 1984-03-06, Blue Persian
-  Brownstone Bi'Gosh of Emery, 1984-03-06, Blue-White Persian
Ragnhild's Bibi

RvT 60.191 Blue Persian

Full siblings:
GIC Noorwey's Runner Up
May 23 1986 RvT 43.506/FE.L93.PE.NL.55 Blue Persian
Full siblings:
-  Noorwey's Luxery Girl, Blue Persian
-  Noorwey's Spokes Man, Blue Persian
Ragnhild's Gioia
Apr 26 1989 RvT 55.196/FE.L93.PE.NL.42 Blue-Cream Persian
Full siblings:
-  Ragnhild's Pablo, Blue Persian
-  Ragnhild's Guppie, 1992-04-17, Blue Persian
IC Miss Macy van Limartes

MU.L94.PER.029.1 Calico Persian

Full siblings:
-  Anshel van Sweety Limarteshome, Red-White Persian
Harwood Sweet White Rabbit
Apr 16 1991
1180-0744751 Red-White Van Persian

Full siblings:
-  Harwood Optical Impact, 1990-09-09, Calico Van Persian
-  Harwood Hot Spot, 1991-04-16, Red-White Van Persian
GC, GIC Harwood Johnny Hates Jazz
Jul 10 1988 1110-0484447 v0190 / DEKZV LO 170329 Red-White Persian
Full siblings:
-  Harwood Toast To The Hat Lady, 1988-07-10, Calico Persian
GC, GP Harwood Optical Allusion
Aug 5 1985 0149-0282208 v1186 Calico Persian
Full siblings:
-  Reno Misty Blue, 1985-02-10, Blue-Cream Persian
-  Harwood City Lights, 1985-08-05, Calico Persian
-  Harwood Garcia's Candy, 1985-08-05, Tortoiseshell Persian
-  Harwood Jeweliette of Belle Chat, 1985-08-05, Calico Persian
Yentl van Sweety Limarteshome

MU.L91.PE.026.1 Tortoiseshell Persian

Full siblings:
Dany van de Struyten
Jul 8 1987 SNVK 87.07.249L/MU.L88.PE.NL.033 Black-White Persian
Full siblings:
Precious Pitziecato van Prodans
MU.L87.PE.083.1 Blue-Cream Persian
Full siblings:
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